Unsavory Impressions

What affects people’s moods instead of weather is the way people behave in general. During a sunny and warm day, many people go outside to enjoy fresh air, but at times, when it’s hot, it may be necessary to dress in clothes that are a little more revealing than others. For those that are on the receiving end of that sight, it can be the difference between a good and a bad day. Yes, I should know. I’ve had may share of delightful moments and other days when it’s been quite. . .unfortunate.

For my part, I have to hide indoors during hot days because I can’t afford to show the shape of my body without its proper support equipment. It puts me in a bad mood when I have to choose between glistening (women don’t sweat, they glisten) all day and making. . . umm. . . unfortunate impressions upon innocent eyes out there. The climatic elements of barometric pressure, humidity, etc, have nothing to do with my mood. Instead of outside influence such as weather, it is convenience that affect me the most, nothing more.

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Creature is Back!

After a long imprisonment in the darkest, deepest corners of a storage room, my beloved Creature has come home. Creature is my computer. Since I started a blog, it has become apparent that a second computer is needed around my home. Normally there is no problem sharing a computer because I do most of my internet activities though either my phone or my tablet, but now that I have to type more often, I started to be jealous of the time my family spent using our desktop.

I just now finished setting it up and I’m playing with all the features I found in Microsoft Word. The layout of the writing tools is different than what I’m used to. I took me a little while to find out spell check and word count and I was pleasantly surprised with a thesaurus right at my fingertips. No more shifting between our computer and my phone to look up terms I’m using. It’s all right here, I love it.

I’m not going to put you though a detail show and tell of my new discoveries, but for a newbie writer that I am, these little tools are a real treasure. I now have to learn to type. Yes, I’m one of those index finger typewriting individuals that give a bad name to a romantic, mythical notion that writers can do anything. Well, I’m not a writer yet, but when I get there, BAM! Be jealous because I’ll be able to do just that.
::: She grins:::


Prudent Choices

Growing up with progressive minded relatives, I was always encouraged to be, when I grew up, anything except what I really wanted to be.
“A housewife you say? No, no, no. You want to go to school and study hard so you can have a career.”
“You want to be a mom? Well of course you can be a mom, but you need a career that would help you support your family.”
I grew up to be the head of household by way of unfortunate circumstances. My husband has been ill for most of our marriage and as a result, I got to unwillingly be the financial provider, while he became a most reluctant Mr. Mom.
Had it not been for the practical advice I got from my relatives at the time, I would not have dealt very well with the pressures of supporting a family, raising my kids and caring for the needs of my husband’s health.
I worked hard. I became what I was raised to be. Although my family had in mind a professional career in the likes of their own images as doctors, engineers and such, having a blue collar job was not ideal but it met our needs just fine.
After 24 years in the field, I finally got to come home and have the privilege of being a stay home mom to my youngest child.
I’m lucky that I have the time to enjoy what I dreamed of as a child. It may not be an ambitious dream for many people out there, but having a direct involvement in the way I raise my daughter gives me a sense of accomplishment that very few ambitious seeking people never enjoy.


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Albert the Moose

Written by Margarita Morgan

May 24, 2014

Albert and Ellen

Albert and Ellen

 Albert is a free spirit, He loves to play hide and seek. He randomly appears when you least expect him, but you can’t find him anywhere when you need him most. Albert is a good looking little moose who hangs from my keychain. He holds the keys to my home, storage shed and my mailbox. Due to his wondering nature, I took the car keys away from him and gave them to Ellen May. She is a new comer who is eager to please and so far remains put wherever I place her. Now, Ellen May the cow is dependable.

Giving names to inanimate objects that my family and I use every day is the handy work of a quirky little voice in my head, whose unpredictable nature, gives us great topics of conversation. A couple of weeks ago we sat down with our older kids and over dinner we shared stories that were inspired by Quirky and her offspring. Yes, she uploaded different versions of herself into my DNA and just like that, my kids were blessed with unusual, peculiar and unpredictable traits of their own, but let’s not digress.

There is a diverse group of characters that roam around our lives sparking amusing incidents. Creature is my computer and Beast is my tablet. These two were named after the affinity I have for certain dark themes, particularly in the vampire genre. They both hypnotize me and suck the living out of my real life. My smart phone is . . . stupid. I don’t even remember his original name, but he’s acting up and now days he just answers to the name of stupid.

Larry is now on top of my computer speaker

Larry is now on top of my computer speaker

Then, there is Larry the lizard. He’s an itty bitty little plastic toy that stayed out in the yard, in the middle of the dirt for months. I used to greet him almost every day until recently when my six year old daughter picked him up and placed him under the mattress in her bed. She claims he was alone and we continue to have lively discussions about Larry’s freedom vs. his captivity. In other words, I want my trusted sidekick back and she wants to protect him.

We also have Vanzila, my husband’s very first vehicle, a 1979 Dodge Maxi van that is his baby and unending improvement project. This motorized beast has a 360-3 4 barrel motor and a thermo quad carburetor. It also sports a Dana 60 rear end with 456 gears and a full Detroit locker. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not just a beast, this is THE Beast. She’s the go-to tow rescue vehicle for unfortunate souls that take new four wheel drive SUV’s into the treacherous sands of the dry river bed nearby. We are very proud of her.

Our family has been on a first name basis with many objects around our house for many years. It all started with Vanzila and as the kids grew up, it became an interactive way to get the kids involved in finding the car keys and other situations that otherwise would have been a somewhat frustrating. Little by little, the personalities we attribute to these characters grow to make them dear to us and so far, this tendency has brought loads of good times at home.


Daily Prompt
The Name’s The Thing
Have you ever named an inanimate object? (Your car? Your laptop? The volleyball that kept you company while you were stranded in the ocean?) Share the story of at least one object with which you’re on a first-name basis.

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The Three Questions of Doom

I don’t particularly dream of a time when I’d be so famous, a Pulitzer-winning reporter would be writing an in-depth piece – about me, quite the contrary. I would like my blog to be famous, but as for me, I want to safely remain within the shadows of its popularity. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than people, prominent writers or not, meddling in my private life asking questions that if I felt a desire to share, they would not need to ask anyway.

For that matter, I’m going to share with you the three questions you should never as me if you ever become a Pulitzer-winning reporter; given that my life’s work would be deserving of your attention.

1. What is your opinion regarding (insert here a controversial subject)?

I’m definitely not an opinionated individual. I like to pick and choose what other people offer in their rants or praises and then either agree or disagree with them without further development. You want to see me squirm under the weight of such pressure? Beware, there’s a little voice in my head that, in pleasant chatter, would lash out to your unsuspecting psyche and give it a nagging feeling of impending demise.

2. What would you respond to those people that said (really bad things about me or my work)?

You want me to start a war of words against my critics? No Thank you. If I have anything to say, you could read all about it in my blog. Everyone has a right to their opinions and a right to go look elsewhere at other subjects that appeal to them as well. Plus, I don’t like to talk about people by way of second hand comments. It annoys me to tell you what I would say to them.

3. Anything that relates to a personal matter that I have not yet disclosed to the public.

Sorry, but there is no history of wild parties, slutty associations, substance abusing related trips or brawl beating late night events. In that sense, my life is boring, but I could refer you to a few friends of mine who would love to share these cherished moments of their younger life. I personally feel that by admitting to a simple, conservative life, I’m cheating my supporters of a realistic image of myself. I prefer them to imagine what they’d like, even if is of a disreputable nature. As a woman of a certain age, I think that I can afford a little mystery once in a while.

So there you have it. If in your dream of a time when you will be a reporter of such prominent caliber as a recipient of a Pulitzer price and you feel that my work warrants your attention, it would work better for both of us if you simply wrote a fictional piece about me.



The Daily Prompt commands and I answer.

Political Party Narcissism

Political parties are so polarized now days that, in my opinion, their own needs seem more important than the benefit of the nation they are part of. Most people I listen to when they talk about controversial issues do so under the banner of their own political affiliation. Not only do they speak with the same taglines that are trademarks of their organizations, but they also mention proudly what his or her party is valiantly doing to further benefits that will support their particular interest. How about dropping the platform political party members carry and simply focus on an issue for the way it directly affect ones own local environment and not an imaginary perception of how this issues affect everyone else.

I’m not affiliated to any political party, I never have. Since the moment I became aware of the primary distinctions between them, I thought they would try to control the way I felt about issues that I cared about. It seemed to me that if you disagreed with the position your party took in an item of serious debate, it would mark you as a trouble maker, a dissident that was best kept quiet less he or she would contaminate the unity in their ranks. I never joined any of them.

I believe that a great number of people who belong to a party, whether Democrat or Republican, do so because it is a tradition in their families to do so. The problem I see is that along with a de facto acceptance into the ranks of their political group, there is a disgraceful apathy to find out exactly what the impact of their “voice” has. I’ve heard many people voting exactly as their party suggested without question. There have been times when friends of mine lament that their party doesn’t have good candidates, but they don’t see a better choice than to take votes away from the “enemy” groups. Seriously, think about it for a moment and if you don’t like the candidates, vote NO.

My particular peeve with political affiliations is that as a national organization, their influence affects everyone. Whichever party controls the tide of policy making, they assume that the “benefit’ of said policies applies to all individuals whether their local conditions need it or not. In my little community we have a traditional school year, it runs from the beginning of September to the middle of June, but we are now feeling the pressure, by way of repeated surveys, to change the school calendar to match the rest of the state which runs one month ahead of us. Also, why are we being so intensely brainwashed about the benefits of Common Core standards? Our small school district is being overly accommodating to parents that want to know all the facts about its implementation. Translation: we like what we have, it works just fine and no matter how many times a week you remind us in your automated phone messages, we are not interested, stop calling me about it.

I understand that the intention individuals have in unity is to advance poor conditions for the betterment of those who are at a disadvantage. However, along with political correctness, our nation is being slowly devastated by something like an autoimmune syndrome. Really necessary antibodies, that are supposed to heal our body, end up running amuck creating unending failures instead. Similarly, there are a great number of good intentioned individuals that give everything they have for the benefit of our country Never the less, in par with the stereotypical concept that the IQ of the masses is equal to the lowest common denominator, their affiliation with such entities slowly dissolves their extraordinary ideas into a pool of generic and harmless notions. The never ending hunger that big organizations have for control of policy overshadows individual and local needs.

As poorly as I have described my frustration with my own perceptions of political antics, I would like to give those of you who are still reading this a challenge. Ask yourself why are you supporting the political party you belong to? Are your convictions the result of a deep seeded belief, or are they the result of convenience and apathy? If your answer leans towards the later, please refrain from sheepishly doing what your party tells you to do.


This post was inspired by Harsh reality’s opinion challenge.

Handwriten Romance

May 11, 2014
Hand Written Romance

There will be a day when, lining up the wall in my own library, an entire bookcase will feature all of my handwritten composition books. There will come a day when I will upgrade my writing journals from the basic college composition notebooks to the most beautiful leather bound book logs that are so handsomely displayed at fancy bookstores.

The idea of accumulating book journals is a romantic concept that I’ve picked up over the years from watching period TV show, movies or from reading books. I’m attracted to the idea of wrapping up a leather strap around my journal and depositing it in its rightful place in line, next to the dozens of journals that contain my thoughts.

I like journals rather than diaries because the word diary stands out like a beacon that others must find. Simply put, I want my writings to be private not because of their content, but because what I scribble in there are raw, unstructured compositions and I’m just a little embarrassed by that.

There is an element of reality to this romantic fantasy that I haven’t considered well and that is the fact that I have to write in all of them. Taking into account that I’ve only been consistently writing for eight weeks, my prospects are daunting. I have purchased a few books that teach different techniques so that there is never a lack of material to write about. Of course, another set of problems arises when I realize that I have to read these books as well.

When this little conundrum is resolved, the content quality of my journals should not only improve, but the presentation should also look good (she grins) and If all I do in the meantime is learn to hand write more beautifully, that is fine with me, all the same. For right now, as I have this picture in my mind, this image, which shows numerous shelves lining up the walls of a private library, my focus will be on pure looks. Whether I buy new, beautiful depositories to write in later or just master my handwriting techniques, I’ll be dutifully turning a romanticized idea into a fulfilling reality.

Imagination Challenge

Dear Daily Prompt,

You bring back memories of my childhood when I used to ask these kinds of questions randomly. The amount  and intensity of dead glares in my direction would crush my wondering nature. At first I thought that people got really annoyed because I made them think of stupid, unimportant things. Later I realized that people got mad because I make them think, period.

I see nothing wrong with getting your mind to work by answering questions that challenge your imagination, specially when they also challenge your vision of reality and your super power to control emotional responses to questions that are stupid and unimportant.

In solidarity to the quirky minds that think as such, I will answer the following way;

If you were one part human, two parts something else — another animal, a plant, an inanimate object — what would the other two parts be?

They would be my superhero trademark of course.  I would have wings that would let me soar into the sky with fast and swift grace. It would allow me to arrive where it’s needed the most quickly and I would look freakingly intimidating. Bad guys be ware!

My plant superpower would be to grow roots when I came in contact with the bad guys, at will, of course. no need to get grounded everywhere you go. These roots will immobilize my opponent and If I chose to, plant a seedling in their heart that would turn them into a beautiful Tree. Yes, I would turn them into a tree. The benefits and substantial.

This is an exercise in imagination, don’t pester me with questions of morality regarding permanent punishments without due process, OK? I’m a little annoyed.

:::She grins:::




Beginner’s Remorse

My hand written journal called to me, with open pages and a beacon of guilt, to remember who was there to comfort, with silent acceptance, my very first attempts at composition writing.


My new blog keeps me busy. I’m following The Daily Prompt, a feature that entices you to write every day by prompting a response to a random question or statement. It usually takes me about an hour to come up with a 500 word composition. Then, after I enjoy a feeling of accomplishment, I stop feeling the urge to find my trusted little journal and I succumb to minimal efforts in writing. It bothers me, but no worries. I have devised a plan to successfully write in my journal, answer The Daily Prompt and transcribe one of my earlier compositions to my computer documents for later publishing. Also, I’ll include content for my weekly Tyro Tips and a new original idea to write in my journal.

It sounds a little daunting, but since it will be implemented in stages, I think it is very doable for those of us who are trying to incorporate our new blog love-affair (blogaffair for short) into our daily routines.

To begin with, I’m going to follow my own advice and concentrate on one feature at a time. You could adapt these topics according to what you feel is important to give your blog momentum.

Today I’m working on headlines. That is, in a few words, I will write the main idea about each section as I listed above, for example:

1. Journal: Write about my new Idea from yesterday. Opinion challenge: Political Correctness.

2. Daily Prompt: What is TyroCharm?

3. Transcript: Either punctuation, Hobbit or Wine.

4. Tyro tip: Add pictures.

5. New Idea: Albert the Moose.

This week, as my real life demands the attention of several events and school projects, I will only focus in writing the headlines in each category. Unless I have the time to fully develop them, my goal is to build a habit that would keep me active in all of my writing options and preferences. The following week, or the week after, if I feel I have fully embraced this new routine, I’ll start to develop feature number one to its full extent until it too becomes part of my daily routine. The same will apply to the following category and the next until a time when they all form a part of my day.

I know that a few of you can relate to the little voice in me that wants my blog to come alive right away. I also know that neither of us can wait to have the benefit of numerous followers to validate all the effort we invest in our blogs. However, as a beginner, learning the ropes will take some time. Realistically, learning to write successfully and managing our blogs is going to take a little longer since we have to master the two tasks at the same time.

I enjoy handwriting. Throughout my life I’ve kept a journal or a diary around. It settles my mind when my thoughts are accepted in quiet praise or silent consolation. Keeping up with new interests should not drive us to forget what makes us happy. I enjoy handwriting. For you, tell us, what is the one thing that keeps you grounded and you won’t give up no matter what new interest comes into your life?

Story Time Live

Most every night my house is filled with fantastic characters that embark on amazing journeys and engage in perilous quests. In the evening, my kitchen table is the center of attention upon which my six year old daughter and my husband listen attentively and join a host of diverse characters to set off on extraordinary adventures.


For almost two years now they have been listening to story time devoutly. When I was working, half the time they listened to audio books since my schedule was hectic and didn’t allow for me to stay up late enough. Now that I retired, this evening time has been steadily growing to be a highlight of our everyday.

Even more eager than my daughter to take his place at the table is my husband. He drops whatever he’s doing on a moment’s notice and sits expectantly while the two of us finish the remnants of our evening routine.

What surprises me most about the attention both, daughter and husband pay is that I am the narrator. In the beginning, I used to read in monotonous tones all the different voices that belonged to the characters in a story, but as I grew confident with their appreciation, I started to experiment with different tones, diction and accents for every person. I don’t know how is it that neither of them starts laughing at my attempts to mimic deep manly voices, or whiny and throaty sounds for witches or goblins, but I tread on.

Sometimes I experiment with new things that may make this time seem more dynamic. Today I tried an Irish accent. I was terrible at it and I tried to stop, but my husband insisted that it added character to the narration. My daughter on the other hand, suggested in her very age appropriate way that I should stopped because it sounded a little embarrassing. Never the less, as I continued, she warmed up to this new element and once again, our nightly tale was a success.

When I read these books to my family, my daughter and husband cling to every word. Gilbert sits like Ralphie, the kid from “A Christmas Story” who couldn’t wait to sit every night and listen to “Little Orphan Annie” on his radio. His enthusiasm is nothing short of adorable. As for my daughter, story time is an attraction that propels her into a realm of wonder that continues to amaze her well into the night when sleep wraps its arms around her mind.