So said all the little voices in my head as I dedicated this blog for them. “Here my little ones, this is your playground. Here you can be yourself without compromises. Here you can play”.


Before you ask if I hear voices, the answer is no. Medically speaking, mi mind is sound, but don’t be disappointed. There are lots of little imaginary voices that speak to me all the time and the outcome can be quite amusing. Perhaps the reason they’ve never been discovered is that they are indeed imaginary, but all the same, they’re in my head and so far no one has giving me grief for it. Don’t be the first one to do so.

For the most part, they are a delightful bunch of old friends. The tone of this blog will be unpredictable depending on which voice gets to the keyboard first. If what you read makes no sense, it’s probably because they are fighting for dominance. No worries, go away, come back another day.

You may want to bring some of your own little voices for a play date, that would be interesting for sure. Thus, these little beasts will be loose right here.

Read at your own discretion.



5 thoughts on “Yiay!

    • Thank you!
      :::she blushes:::
      I’m working on the layout, but more posts will follow. Right now there is a traffic jam in my head after reading through the Daily Prompt’s most recent suggestions.


  1. Let the randomness roll. That’s how I roll too. Welcome to the blogging world which I am a newbie too. I found your blog through a comment of another blog. Im all about getting the little bits of floaties out of my head!


    • Ykes! I’m so new at this I just discovered I can reply here. lol
      I’m nearly a week old and most of what I’m learning is from leads I get through comments.
      Thank you.


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