Back when I wrote this thought, I was finally coming around to consider having a blog. My hand written journal is one of my happy places and I was reluctant to substitute my faithful companion for such an impersonal writing device as a keyboard.

Familiarizing with its applications turned out to be a fun challenge. Now I mostly write in my journal and then develop the story further with my computer.

If you didn’t take classes on the subject and you can relate to such a state of wonder. Write us a note. We’d like to hear about it.



May 11, 2014

How many times I wished to have at my disposal tools that would make my writing easier? That, of course, is a rhetorical question. It’s painful to realize that hidden in plain sight and readily available is everything I was looking for.

Well, what can I say? I’m an amateur writer? That would imply that I devote time and effort, although not mastery, to a pursuit, when in fact, I write as an outlet and for the pure pleasure of emptying my mind from thoughts.
So, I’m just going to admit that I was lazy and didn’t even look at all the options I had in a little tab named ”tools”.

I’ve been seriously going through all the windows and tabs, learning what each little icon means and am able to do with, and boy, am I surprised! Who knew that there is a feature that counts the number of words you have in your page?

I knew there was a spelling check, but grammar too? Whoa, this is fantastic! Now I can really apply my laziness and leave it all to the checker . . . is that what it’s called? Now I’m looking for a feature to add-common-sense and an instant fix for stupid, but if it was that easy, there wouldn’t be so many of us novices out there, right?

What I found most helpful was the ability to keep ones pages nice and neat, free of blurred patches and crossed out corrections. I like good old fashion hand written composition journals. Trouble is if you don’t have your thoughts well structured in your head, the outcome can be quite unsightly.

I love the feel of turning pages as you write and the smell of old ink on paper. I’m a little archaic, but sometimes, though, it is nice to present a good looking composition albeit it’s unappealing content. I’m sure some people out there appreciate uncluttered and well groomed writings.

And so, I would like to cheer for my new found writing helper. Like all new things, it will probably take me away from my faithful hand written journal, but for now, the excitement of this novelty is a good trade off.


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