Frustrated from the morning events, I caught several little voices in my head talking about how terrible my own children behaved. In the back of my mind there was a silent thought dismissing this chatter with an intense death glare in my direction. I had to do a little soul searching since, in fact as their mother, I dropped the ball and allowed them to behave that way.

Have you ever directed harsh words at someone and later realized you were the cause of that frustration?


May 12, 2014

According to our expectations, our plans should follow a certain chain of events, but typically, there are always challenges and obstacles to overcome. We’re supposed to know that, but in reality, we drop our guard the moment we think everything is working just fine. When our plans derail and everything goes astray, more often than not, we tend to believe that someone else is to blame.

I have a little water tractor that is used very frequently to make up for the lack of timing in our sprinkler system. Yes, we have a timer, but due to kicks and knacks and the fact that we don’t own the property, the timer is always malfunctioning. No worries, my little tractor is there to make up for it.

This watering wonder I’m talking about, is attached to the water hose and it runs powered by the water pressure it exerts when its blades shoot out it in a circular motion. There are gears attached to two big tractor looking wheels and, as if it was magic for those of us mechanically challenged, the little tractor moves following the path of its own water hose.

When you set the path for this little tool, you expect to forget about it until the grass has been watered, but most of the time the tractor derails reeking havoc among the flower beds, yes my adored and lovingly nurtured flower beds. Of course I wouldn’t have to deal with the damage if I’d just kept my eye on the darn thing, but what is the point of delegating a job if you have to be actively involved in its development?

That is exactly the point. You have to supervise the things you delegate to ensure they develop correctly. This morning, I trusted that when my elder daughter told me she would make sure her little sister would make it to school on time, it would happen just the way it should have.
Since neither of my kids looks anything like a water tractor, naturally, I assumed they wouldn’t deviate from their set routine.

I ended up stressing over every little setback as both daughters and a cheerfully pesky brother set out to challenge one another with loving but annoying banters.

I kept dropping the ball as they would all assure me their baby sister would be on time and when it was obvious to me that it wasn’t going to happen, I lashed out at the last one to leave the house with threats of painful psychic damage and regrets for giving them a simple task. She made it on time, thankfully, but it would have been better if I’d picked up the slack and then let them continue as they were.

When you delegate a task, all it takes is a little interjection for things to run smoothly. All it takes is a little time to correct small deviations. Unless you want to be absorbed in damage control, pay attention to how your project is developing. Ultimately, if you are responsible for it, you will be the only one held accountable for its results.


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