Orphan junky

If you haven’t see Orphan Black yet, you should do it for the pleasure and appreciation of Tatiana Maslany’s extraordinary acting talent. In this BBC drama, the main characters are clones looking to uncover the mystery behind their existence.

The range of individual characters Tatiana can portray is apparently unlimited. Every time she brings life to a new clone, she also brings out an array of new and distinguishable personality traits that are unique to that person. Even when these characters are pretending to be one another, the characteristics of the original clone remain, making her performance truly captivating.

If you want to know more about Orphan Black, there are scores of raving reviews out there, however, I’m interested in finding out who can relate to my addiction here.

This is one of very few shows that I can’t wait to binge watch and I have to watch every episode as it airs on my Amazon queue. In fact, Orphan Black is currently the one show that makes all the little voices in my head synchronize with me as one. I buy every episode, for goodness sake!

The one thing that keeps me enthralled is how I can watch the same face be so many different people at the same time. When it comes to identifying identical twins from each other, it can be quite a challenge. This is not the case with Mansley’s representations of herself. In every subject she depicts, there are oceans of differences between the similarities they share.

The plot and development of the show is outstanding as well, but I’m convinced that if the main characters were played by someone else, I would not be such a devoted Orphan Black junky.

Is there a TV show that gives your voices fuel to rail up in anguish as you patiently wait for the next episode?


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