Restless Explorers

Finally, explores of the world unite!

The opportunity of lifetime has arrived. It has been confirmed by The Daily Post that a secret organization is selling time machines, anywhere doors and invisibility helmets. Lets pull our resources together and explore the world and universe as no man has ever done before.

Teams of three individuals, each with a different gadget will depart on a daily basis to far lands, planets and timelines. The reports collected will be available for the rest of our Restless Explorers Union (REU) members to read and follow up at their leisure.
Yours truly will be heading the first expedition as my long time desire to travel anywhere has been realized by the purchase of the one and only, top of the line set of doors to anywhere, model ADD 3000(ADD stands for Any Destination Door). This new and unique model has been equipped with an instant transport portal. All we have to do is set the destination and open the door. I’m sure you will appreciate that our arrival location will be in plain view within the door frame. This way, we can observe the area before we participate in the local activities.

The device works flawlessly. I’ve already traveled to a few of the most exiting places I’ve always dreamed of visiting. As There is no limit to the distance or the atmospheric conditions that you can travel, The new ADD 300 has taken me not only to obscure and isolated areas of our world, but also to distant planets and let me tell you. . .yes, let me tell you all about it when you join my team.
Obviously, the barrier in the door frame that keeps both, the destination and departure points separate, has allowed me to look into different and dangerous conditions without being harmed in any way. I urge you to turn in your applications to join my team ASAP as I’m eager to combine our resources and expand the range of exploration that could potentially be unlimited. If you are truly a Restless Explorer, you won’t be satisfied with the lesser ADD models. Lets get all the equipment necessary to fully grasp the opportunities that these new devices are offering.

Going anywhere anytime is an elusive concept that up until now was better suited for daydreaming. Between all the new innovations that are available, the Anywhere Doors is by far the best invention for the likes of us, members of the REU.
I look forward to meeting and working with you. Time would be of essence if we weren’t counting with the help of our time machine providers, but restlessness can only be thwarted for so long.

Truly yours,
TyroCharm, Restless Explorer #1


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