Virtuous Crowds

As Memorial weekend once again falls upon us, a horde of people come to my little corner of the woods where usually peace and quiet is abundant. When it comes to writing, finding the bright side of a situation where shoobies are involved has never been a topic for consideration. Were it not by the mighty hand of The Daily Prompt who commands my will, I would simply retreat into my fort and shun the processions of happy drunks and loud and cheerful youth that parade through my community.

Crowds overwhelm the individual voices, but what do you know? In a crowd you have an opportunity to turn your attention to yourself and ponder upon reasons and consequences that brought you to this place. Thus, Crowds are conductive to self awareness and therefore, they are good.

Also, when there is a multitude with which you have to share public services, you experience frustration and anger at the lack of resources to accommodate everyone’s needs. For this reason, as an accomplished self aware individual, you can practice at your content, virtues such as patience, abnegation and humility. In turn, your soul will be strong and renewed and that is good. Thus, Crowds make a good stepping stone to a holy life style.

Finally, as you realize how much personal grows relies on your interactions with a lot of people at the same time, it would be a shame to miss such a wonderful opportunity to gain more experience in saintly arts. One could almost convince him or herself that in order to be a better person, you have to look for conditions that allow you to practice your acquired taste for mastering virtues.

Thankfully not everyone aspires to such a commendable quest. For my part, I will continue to borough in my happy place for the duration of this holiday invasion. I hope that as people interact with each other in confined spaces and crowded recreational areas, that they choose to behave virtuously. This way I would appreciate the masses becoming more agreeable when I have to join them elsewhere.

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