Mandate to Live

The front door opened to reveal, at first sight, two strangers sitting comfortably on a small sofa. All else, I ignored. As they turn around to greet me, I noticed as if by pure irony, the left over pieces of cake on the plates they were holding.
“Cake?” I thought somewhat irritated. “Another cake? No, it doesn’t make me feel better!” I wanted to scream, but I figured it wasn’t their fault that I was tired and still confused. A wave of regret enveloped me as I looked around the apartment waiting to find something I recognized. I’d hoped to arrive at a place that would seem familiar or somewhat comfortable after so many days of ordeal, but the beautiful setting felt to me as barren as the hospital room I came from.
These two individuals that were clearly a couple were now walking in my direction. Almost reflexibly, I tensed at their eager and amused expressions as I perceived a tone of appraisal when they both ran their eyes along my body.
The anticipation I’d built through this morning’s preparations came down crashing in a pit of frustration. I didn’t need any more people expecting me to trust that their version of our former relationship would pick up where we left it right before this accursed accident erased all connections to the person I was, or rather, to the person they all told me I was. Anger began to well up in me. I would not go through yet another introduction to meet for the first time, people that I was told were important in my life. After a score of scrutinizing doctors, meddling nurses and good intentioned individuals that hounded me from day one, all I wanted to do was to settle somewhere comfortable so I could begin the process of accepting how much I’d lost, which considering that my memory began eleven days ago, I’d lost an entire lifetime.
When my companion began to speak, an irrational burst of anger cracked my composure and I lost the calm and control demeanor I was told I was known for. I burst into sobs and ran away from my tormentors; only I realized almost instantly that I didn’t know where to go. Not recognizing my surroundings, I became aware of my predicament and stopped at the entrance of a long dark hallway that came into view as I’d crossed the living room.
I hesitated to take another step when a wave of unnerving memories came crashing into my consciousness with such force that it took my breath away. For an instant I wavered as my knees tried to buckle. My mind focused. I now had a sharp vision of my situation and my senses were keenly aware of my surroundings. In the split of a second, I gauged that against the unknown that awaited me if I proceeded forward, the best course of action would be to go back to the front door before it was locked.
Instinct took over me and a second nature set of skills that I’d nurture for over a decade began to plot my way out of what was surely a potentially deadly situation. I was running out of time but as skilled as I may have been, I was still human. Fear broke my resolved when I heard the keys lock the bolt on the door from the inside.

This post was created in response to The Daily Prompt. It is one of my first Fiction attempts and I would appreciate if you can critique its contents. I won’t take it personal, I promise.




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