Beginner’s Remorse

My hand written journal called to me, with open pages and a beacon of guilt, to remember who was there to comfort, with silent acceptance, my very first attempts at composition writing.


My new blog keeps me busy. I’m following The Daily Prompt, a feature that entices you to write every day by prompting a response to a random question or statement. It usually takes me about an hour to come up with a 500 word composition. Then, after I enjoy a feeling of accomplishment, I stop feeling the urge to find my trusted little journal and I succumb to minimal efforts in writing. It bothers me, but no worries. I have devised a plan to successfully write in my journal, answer The Daily Prompt and transcribe one of my earlier compositions to my computer documents for later publishing. Also, I’ll include content for my weekly Tyro Tips and a new original idea to write in my journal.

It sounds a little daunting, but since it will be implemented in stages, I think it is very doable for those of us who are trying to incorporate our new blog love-affair (blogaffair for short) into our daily routines.

To begin with, I’m going to follow my own advice and concentrate on one feature at a time. You could adapt these topics according to what you feel is important to give your blog momentum.

Today I’m working on headlines. That is, in a few words, I will write the main idea about each section as I listed above, for example:

1. Journal: Write about my new Idea from yesterday. Opinion challenge: Political Correctness.

2. Daily Prompt: What is TyroCharm?

3. Transcript: Either punctuation, Hobbit or Wine.

4. Tyro tip: Add pictures.

5. New Idea: Albert the Moose.

This week, as my real life demands the attention of several events and school projects, I will only focus in writing the headlines in each category. Unless I have the time to fully develop them, my goal is to build a habit that would keep me active in all of my writing options and preferences. The following week, or the week after, if I feel I have fully embraced this new routine, I’ll start to develop feature number one to its full extent until it too becomes part of my daily routine. The same will apply to the following category and the next until a time when they all form a part of my day.

I know that a few of you can relate to the little voice in me that wants my blog to come alive right away. I also know that neither of us can wait to have the benefit of numerous followers to validate all the effort we invest in our blogs. However, as a beginner, learning the ropes will take some time. Realistically, learning to write successfully and managing our blogs is going to take a little longer since we have to master the two tasks at the same time.

I enjoy handwriting. Throughout my life I’ve kept a journal or a diary around. It settles my mind when my thoughts are accepted in quiet praise or silent consolation. Keeping up with new interests should not drive us to forget what makes us happy. I enjoy handwriting. For you, tell us, what is the one thing that keeps you grounded and you won’t give up no matter what new interest comes into your life?


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