Imagination Challenge

Dear Daily Prompt,

You bring back memories of my childhood when I used to ask these kinds of questions randomly. The amount  and intensity of dead glares in my direction would crush my wondering nature. At first I thought that people got really annoyed because I made them think of stupid, unimportant things. Later I realized that people got mad because I make them think, period.

I see nothing wrong with getting your mind to work by answering questions that challenge your imagination, specially when they also challenge your vision of reality and your super power to control emotional responses to questions that are stupid and unimportant.

In solidarity to the quirky minds that think as such, I will answer the following way;

If you were one part human, two parts something else — another animal, a plant, an inanimate object — what would the other two parts be?

They would be my superhero trademark of course.  I would have wings that would let me soar into the sky with fast and swift grace. It would allow me to arrive where it’s needed the most quickly and I would look freakingly intimidating. Bad guys be ware!

My plant superpower would be to grow roots when I came in contact with the bad guys, at will, of course. no need to get grounded everywhere you go. These roots will immobilize my opponent and If I chose to, plant a seedling in their heart that would turn them into a beautiful Tree. Yes, I would turn them into a tree. The benefits and substantial.

This is an exercise in imagination, don’t pester me with questions of morality regarding permanent punishments without due process, OK? I’m a little annoyed.

:::She grins:::





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