Handwriten Romance

May 11, 2014
Hand Written Romance

There will be a day when, lining up the wall in my own library, an entire bookcase will feature all of my handwritten composition books. There will come a day when I will upgrade my writing journals from the basic college composition notebooks to the most beautiful leather bound book logs that are so handsomely displayed at fancy bookstores.

The idea of accumulating book journals is a romantic concept that I’ve picked up over the years from watching period TV show, movies or from reading books. I’m attracted to the idea of wrapping up a leather strap around my journal and depositing it in its rightful place in line, next to the dozens of journals that contain my thoughts.

I like journals rather than diaries because the word diary stands out like a beacon that others must find. Simply put, I want my writings to be private not because of their content, but because what I scribble in there are raw, unstructured compositions and I’m just a little embarrassed by that.

There is an element of reality to this romantic fantasy that I haven’t considered well and that is the fact that I have to write in all of them. Taking into account that I’ve only been consistently writing for eight weeks, my prospects are daunting. I have purchased a few books that teach different techniques so that there is never a lack of material to write about. Of course, another set of problems arises when I realize that I have to read these books as well.

When this little conundrum is resolved, the content quality of my journals should not only improve, but the presentation should also look good (she grins) and If all I do in the meantime is learn to hand write more beautifully, that is fine with me, all the same. For right now, as I have this picture in my mind, this image, which shows numerous shelves lining up the walls of a private library, my focus will be on pure looks. Whether I buy new, beautiful depositories to write in later or just master my handwriting techniques, I’ll be dutifully turning a romanticized idea into a fulfilling reality.


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