Prudent Choices

Growing up with progressive minded relatives, I was always encouraged to be, when I grew up, anything except what I really wanted to be.
“A housewife you say? No, no, no. You want to go to school and study hard so you can have a career.”
“You want to be a mom? Well of course you can be a mom, but you need a career that would help you support your family.”
I grew up to be the head of household by way of unfortunate circumstances. My husband has been ill for most of our marriage and as a result, I got to unwillingly be the financial provider, while he became a most reluctant Mr. Mom.
Had it not been for the practical advice I got from my relatives at the time, I would not have dealt very well with the pressures of supporting a family, raising my kids and caring for the needs of my husband’s health.
I worked hard. I became what I was raised to be. Although my family had in mind a professional career in the likes of their own images as doctors, engineers and such, having a blue collar job was not ideal but it met our needs just fine.
After 24 years in the field, I finally got to come home and have the privilege of being a stay home mom to my youngest child.
I’m lucky that I have the time to enjoy what I dreamed of as a child. It may not be an ambitious dream for many people out there, but having a direct involvement in the way I raise my daughter gives me a sense of accomplishment that very few ambitious seeking people never enjoy.


That was today’s answer to The daily Prompt.



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