Creature is Back!

After a long imprisonment in the darkest, deepest corners of a storage room, my beloved Creature has come home. Creature is my computer. Since I started a blog, it has become apparent that a second computer is needed around my home. Normally there is no problem sharing a computer because I do most of my internet activities though either my phone or my tablet, but now that I have to type more often, I started to be jealous of the time my family spent using our desktop.

I just now finished setting it up and I’m playing with all the features I found in Microsoft Word. The layout of the writing tools is different than what I’m used to. I took me a little while to find out spell check and word count and I was pleasantly surprised with a thesaurus right at my fingertips. No more shifting between our computer and my phone to look up terms I’m using. It’s all right here, I love it.

I’m not going to put you though a detail show and tell of my new discoveries, but for a newbie writer that I am, these little tools are a real treasure. I now have to learn to type. Yes, I’m one of those index finger typewriting individuals that give a bad name to a romantic, mythical notion that writers can do anything. Well, I’m not a writer yet, but when I get there, BAM! Be jealous because I’ll be able to do just that.
::: She grins:::



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