The Hobbit Movies

Movie review by Margarita Morgan
June 25, 2014


The great anticipation that preceded Peter Jackson‘s latest venture into Tolkien’s stories has been for some of us quite anticlimactic. Both of the latest Hobbit movies have lost the lightheartedness that in my opinion is what this beloved children’s tale is all about.

As a preamble to his earlier Lord of the Ring films, Jackson’s newest films are a good bridge that brings to life many stories that were not clearly explained before. Never the less, The Hobbit is a book for children that by itself holds a unique perspective on Tolkien’s mythology. By making The Hobbit movies a part or more like prequels to the Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, Peter Jackson has neglected to bring out the charm and appeal of the original book.

Watching the new Hobbit movies has left me with a sense of disappointment that is not easily relieved by the over use of CGI effects and added scenes of which not even Tolkien’s indexes talked about. The Hobbit as a book is a masterpiece with a target audience that is primarily children. The director’s intent to extent the target audience into more mature viewers already invested into the LOTR trilogy is destroying the comedic elements that were a staple mark of the Hobbit. For that matter, Peter Jackson did a superb job with the LOTR adaptation, but he should have realized that the hobbit was a separate story that although included many similarities in historical background and characters, it had a tale that flourished on its own individual flavor and tempo.

My six year old daughter loved the book, but was bored by the movies. Similarly, I appreciated reading the Hobbit, but found the new movies to be more of a prequel to LOTR adaptation of peter Jackson and not at all the book that I have read many times with great delight. I wouldn’t dismiss the movies entirely either. They have shown to be great visual treats when it comes to realizing the descriptions of Tolkien’s different cities and nations. The scenery is breathtaking and as usual, the costumes and make up are first class.

If you want an in depth visual aid to add to your imagination when you go through Tolkien’s books again, the entire adaptation into films from Peter Jackson is a great source of imagination. If you want to enjoy the story with its original humor and wonder, continue to read the book, it never gets old and it always delivers great joy.






Written by Margarita Morgan

June 29, 2014


I wouldn’t have guessed how important punctuation was until I came across Patrick Rothfuss’s very own blog. In the entry I read, he explained how difficult it was to use punctuation to deliver a simple quite from his wife. The quote he talked about was “You smell so good. It’s making me stupid”. Mr Rothfuss went on to describe in great detail how punctuation could change the meaning of these words dramatically according to the placement of commas, expression marks, semicolons, etc.

His post was not only hilarious, but informative as well. Since then, every time I read his blog, which is regularly,  I dissect his use of punctuation and I get to learn a lot from these observations. Of course, being able to use these symbols effectively is easier said than done. I’ve learned that I’m very fond of commas, see? I like to go on speaking without pause and the only thing that gives coherence to my thoughts is the use of carefully placed pauses that should be placed delicately at the correct interjection. I know I misses a comma or two in that last sentence, or maybe I just feel that way because I’m very attached to the little marks, but, in any case, learning to wield such powerful tools is not just a matter of technicality, but of ingenuity as well.

I encourage you to read Patrick Rothfuss blog on this subject so you can appreciate how a seasoned writer turns simple sentences into complex and eloquently expressed thoughts by the versatile use of a few punctuation marks.

A printed copy of Mr Rothfuss post on punctuation is always on hand for me as a reference. Even though the meaning of some of the things I write may change when I switch different punctuation marks, I’m still far away from being able to separate my sentences and get rid of my commas. They are my friends, my security blanket if you will.

For now, my excuse is that I’m nothing but an amateur. Later on though, I’m going to have to come up with seriously ingenious ways to justify their use. To this end. I have become a devoted groupie of Patrick Rothfuss and plan to absorb his writing techniques until I can wield punctuation in a unique and prolific way.



Daily Prompt:

By the Dots

We all have strange relationships with punctuation — do you overuse exclamation marks? Do you avoid semicolons like the plague? What type of punctuation could you never live without? Tell us all about your punctuation quirks!

Take the Plunge

Written by Margarita Morgan

June 28, 2014


When it comes to classifying the kind of writing I do in categories of what is best and what’s not, I’m afraid that I’m quite subjective and cannot dismiss a piece as a bad composition. No, I’m neither proud nor self indulgent, simply I feel pain for the little voice in me that came up with it and for my life I do not want to deal with the drama that would surely ensue if I offended any of these little creatures.

In that context, I can definitely tell you about the only writing that gets published and what makes it easier for me to write. As far as the conditions that help me write are concern, the only thing that I need is to start typing in a new document page. Sometimes I have a piece in my journal that would nicely fit a daily prompt. Most of the time, however, I just get a new page to open and start writing nonsense until one sentence agrees with my overall thoughts and then I build from there.

You can tell when my mind is muddy because my composition is clear and concise due to the fact than a divine and merciful god of writing decided to channel my index finger typewriting to promote a universal thought of goodness and kindness. However, you can tell when I’m in control of my faculties because my writing becomes a little muddy and it is sprinkled with random thoughts from my very own little voices. Either way, the purpose is to write and to no avail I could possibly contain when my mind just wants to burst out and share.

I’ve recently been acquainted with’s own Android application and it is also a great way to get started particularly if I’m on the go. My favorite is the “quickoffice” application on my phone that lets me dictate into a new document considerably cutting down on the time I get the work done, after which I email it to my own editor program and it’s all done. Yes, I have an editor program, writing like this doesn’t usually come in my nature, you know (she winks).

So there you go, when it comes to publishing the things that I write, the best conditions for me is to just take the plunge and get it started. Now all I have to do is loose the fear of the realizing my long term goal and actually get started with writing the book that’s been churning in my head for a long time. Little steps, though, the Daily Prompt for now is just what keeps me motivated and not at all overwhelmed.



Daily Prompt:

Writing Space
Where do you produce your best writing — at your desk, on your phone, at a noisy café? Tell us how the environment affects your creativity.

32Flavors Just Got Cooler!

Ice-cream-news June 27, 2014
Written by TyroCharm

In a bold move aimed at jump starting “32Flavors” image as a leading Ice-cream brand, its headquarters just announced the addition of a new flavor that will bring much needed innovation to the current stagnating image of the once popular ice-cream mogul.
“Cool as a Cucumber” is the designated name that will grace the new tags on the freezers that will feature this new refreshing flavor. Precisely as its name describes, cucumber will be its main ingredient. It will be a deliciously fresh, crisp, and subtle flavor framed by a sweet yet tangy consistency sure to please a thirsty need and an adventurous desire in taste.
Named in honor of the popular TyroCharm from the blogosphere, a character we’re all familiar with by now, this new flavor will charm its way into your palate despite the unusual choice to substitute a normally sweet fruit with the ambiguous taste of the cucumber.
The best way to describe the overall effect this new flavor produces on once self would be to look at a common item used in everyday meals by way of salads if you will. This vegetable doesn’t stand on its own; rather, it helps tone down other strong flavors that with out its neutrality, would saturate your taste buds. Now, turn that common nearly unnoticed flavor and put it in the spotlight with a twist. A neutral taste that is in the company of both sweet sugary taste and tangy lime flavor, makes for an extraordinary combination, if you don’t mind me saying so (she winks).
Those of you who have not visited TyroCharm’s blog will have to view some of her pleasant line of topics spiced up a bit by a quirky spark that adds a unique flavor to her points of view. If you decide to just go for the ice-cream instead, you won’t be disappointed by the originality of the new flavor that somehow will seem one of those familiar feelings that you can’t quite place where they come from.
Yes, TyroCharm is a bit full of herself at times, but when you’re in the company of so many little voices that fight for dominance in her head, who could possibly blame her. We suggest you get to know her first and then there will be no doubt in your mind that “32flavors” has made a great choice by showcasing this new addition to its family.


When asked why 32Flavors was not changing its name to include one more addition of tastes, CEO aopiniontedman said they would discontinue without regrets the last venture into a spicy invention known as “HRplum bomb”. Frankly, we had to admit that we hadn’t even heard of that flavor ourselves to which Mr. aopiniontedman said it was a dark chapter in their company’s history best left hidden and forgotten.




Daily Prompt:

Flavor #32

A local ice cream parlor invites you to create a new wacky flavor. It needs to channel the very essence of your personality. What’s in it?


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Vending Infomercials

Written by Margarita Morgan

June 26, 2014


Many sleepless nights I spent in front of the television at grandma’s house looking at enticing infomercials of amazing contraptions that were absolutely necessary in my daily life. It was surprising to realize that I’d lived so long without the aid of a “Rotator” to peel vegetables and fruits for me with efficiency. Once I’d discovered the wonders of the “Slap Chop” to chop and mince my salsa ingredients, I just had to have it; but the necessity of the very handy “Comfort Wipe” was very clear for other people I knew would benefit tremendously from such an ingenious device, but I will not describe it, you just have to see it for yourself.

The problem with acquiring these objects was the use of my credit card to cover a few payments in the form of easy installments. For one, I don’t like to give out my credit card information to random retailers and secondly, I hate all the spam mail I get after processing electronic transactions. For theses reasons, I would have loved to have vending machines in the neighborhood that carried such fantastic inventions to be sold instantly and conveniently without having your name in costumer a lists. Not that I would mind to be associated with the products I buy, but sometimes discretion would be a prudent thing to consider.

There is just something providential about “The Better Marriage Blanket” That I would have run in the middle of the night to acquire with no thought about inconvenience and or lack of easy payments. This magic blanket helps to disperse unwanted air bursts propelled by the ingestion of beans and other highly fermenting foods your spouse might have ingested during that day. Also, you never know when at the last minute you might need the aid of the “Doc Bottoms Aspray” to relieve your companions of unwanted aromas that certain odor’s zones might produce and where according to the promoter, other deodorants haven’t gone before.

Vending machines of this sort would be a success because of their ready availability that would certainly override the convenience of easy payments. I would probably be a good costumer since their advertisements are very persuasive and indeed show with clarity how my life would improve tremendously by their use. I hope that a brave entrepreneur would consider investing in this endeavor and soon provide us easy access to these great and invaluable products.




The Daily Prompt

Vending Wishes: Soft drinks, electronics, nutrient-free snacks — you can get all of those from a vending machine. But what type of vending machine is sorely needed but doesn’t yet exist? Share your automated retail fantasies with us!



Barbeque Blues

Thinking about today’s daily prompt, the first thing that crossed my mind was how I love the smell of smoke from fireplaces that float in the air towards evening on a cold winter’s night. I was sorely reminded however that in contrast with a smell I associate with comfort when sitting by the fire of a wood burning fireplace, summer brings about constant smoke from barbeques that in to my sense of smell is at times simply revolting.

Whether the fuel of a barbeques is propane, wood or charcoal, the moment the meal touches the flames, my nose is assaulted by a distinct scent of burning flesh that make my nostrils recoil in disgust. I’m not a vegetarian and do enjoy the flavor that barbeque meat acquires in the grill, but as far as the way it smells when I catch a faint scent in the air, I can’t help but to search refuge in the safety of a closed climate control room.

Summer brings about a lot of family-get-togethers or simply traditional meals in family backyards that often involved simple hot dogs and hamburgers. The smell of burning meat carries a long way especially if a light breeze gently disperses it over a large area.

There are perhaps many other smells I could associate summer with, but burning flesh is by far the strongest unpleasant smell that comes to mind when the weather turns nice. One person in the neighborhood may be using the barbeque grill to cook, but that is just enough for me to hide indoors until the smell is gone.



White Lies Commonly Known as Teen Vampires

Written by Margarita Morgan

June 24, 2014



Long gone are the days when the thought of vampires would send shivers down our spine. Such dark themes were reserved for horror stories that were best suited for late night gatherings with friends. Horror movies were appealing when they showed vampires because their existence seemed plausible. It used to be that the idea of real life vampires was more acceptable. Always surrounded by mystery, shrouded by darkness and limited in their range of operation, vampires were sometimes revered, but most of the time they were feared. Even with the limitations these creatures possessed, their ability to blend in with humans depended on carefully crafted situations where vampires had control of their surroundings. Therefore, all one needed to do to avoid falling prey to a vampire was to heed the stereotypical advices from “recorded” experiences by vampire hunters and witnesses. To keep it simple, just stay clear of dark places, carry a crucifix, eat garlic and keep a mirror handy, oh and you couldn’t forget the handy bottle of holy water. By all accounts, vampires were evil creatures that had to be exterminated before they spread their ravaging condition to innocent victims. In the category where unknown mysteries abound such as evil spirits, ghosts and other unexplained phenomena, vampires had a special place where people didn’t considered them quite fantasy, but could not exactly prove their existence.

Now days, the vampire genre has resurfaced to accommodate all manners of human like qualities and virtues that make contemporary vampires a clear fictitious creature that many a times fights its nature to become more humanly acceptable. Now days, vampires are mostly teenagers. They are cool, beautiful and many are super nice, hey, they even glitter in the sunlight. We also have supernatural talismans that allow them to walk during the day and they are near heroes if not outright “people” of great character that make a great example of a kinder, gentler not quite evil creature. In this new vampire mythology, humans tend to be the unreasonable ones that cannot accept a natural weakness of which vampires are victims of. We are prompted to accept their nature as a difference that should be tolerated and understood, after all, they don’t need to kill humans anymore. They can just eat donated blood. It may not seem like a big deal if you are a contemporary vampire fan, but to me, the loss of traditional Vampire lore is a casualty of political correctness gone wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, as a vampire enthusiast, I have read and watched just about every teen and old time story that is out there. I love the TV show “The Originals” and I could not live without live stream of the popular anime “Vampire Knights”. However, I do miss the old stories that were focused on the horrors of ambiguous creatures that were not easily discovered and that lurked in dark places waiting for unsuspecting victims. I used to be really afraid of vampires when I was a child. More than ghosts, I dreaded the thought of being ambushed from the shadows in my room. I spent many sleepless nights watching the windows from my bed trying to assure myself that they were all locked in. Back then, I don’t think people wanted to be vampires, they were something to be afraid of and their lifestyle as described by common knowledge was nothing to be desired for. Vampires of today live in comfort and it makes people want to join in especially for the seemingly eternal length of such an appealing lifestyle.

Call me old fashion, but I regret that there are not too many popular stories that focus on the horrifying and perverted side of vampires. New vampires appeal to me in their own contemporary context, but even so, I wish that the two creatures were easily separated from one another by a more defined difference in their nature.





A Matter of Perspective

Written by Margarita Morgan

June 23, 2014


Unlike most people who fall in the category of sleep procrastinators, I don’t avoid going to bed, I’m simply engaged in doing something else. Perhaps that’s what everyone says, but going to bed is not a chore. To me, sleep is a reward after a long day and instead of procrastinating bed time, I call it building up sleep.

When you work to build up sleep, the moment you hit the pillow your consciousness is embraced by the long and comforting arms of a restful slumber. You look forward to this moment and the furthest thing from your mind is whether or not you should be doing something else instead.

Unlike procrastination where you avoid a task in favor of something more entertaining, when you build up sleep, you want to stop what you are doing in favor of bedtime, but you resist the temptation and engage in your current project to give your body a yearning for sleep so strong that its reward will be well worth the time it took to get there. To this end I like to read, hand write in my journal or my favorite, I binge-watch a TV show. Regardless of the project I’m involved with, guilt doesn’t make me look at my pillow with furlong glances nor does it make me wish I would stop doing what I’m doing. I know that by the time I’m done with my pastime, I have a nice warm bed and a soft pillow waiting to take me on a peaceful journey that will let my body rest better.

If you suffer from sleep procrastination, a term newly defined by researchers in the Netherlands, I suggest you change the paradigm in which you view your circumstances. Consider the following point of view as well. Procrastination is a pastime that brings about a lot of unintended benefits. For people who thrive on stress, it is a great source of vitality. Also, in avoiding something unpleasant, your creativity will expand to prompt your attention to other projects that otherwise would be forgotten.

Either way you look at it, procrastinating sleep or building up sleep, the punishment or reward lies in the benefits you extract from it. Filling your evenings with projects that are impossible to do while the rest of your family is awake could be a great way to build up sleep. Try this new perspective. I believe it will make you appreciate better the things you do before bedtime. Maybe it’s just me, but building up sleep sounds and feels much better.



The daily Prompt

Sleepy Time
More and more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?


Creature of Winter

Written by margarita Morgan

June 21, 2014


While I don’t particularly yearn for earlier sunsets, as the summer solstice passes, I count the days for Fall and Winter to set upon our landscapes. When rain graces us with an abundance of its presence, my spirit thrives and I would walk with a sense of comfort if there was fog to guard my presence. Cold and darkness are in my nature, I am a creature of winter.

During Spring days when summer heat visits to announce its impending arrival, I dread the months ahead when I’ll be forced to be under the protection of climate control to alleviate a feeling of suffocation. There is nothing more frustrating to me than experiencing a wave of heat that is unrelenting and to which relief comes in the form of constant air conditioning. With no way to be outdoors under such circumstances, Dusk is my safe zone, but it arrives at a time of day when I’m getting ready to go to bed.

On the other hand, when the end of the year approaches, I open windows early in the morning to let cold, fresh air inundate the atmosphere. I like to put on a light sweater and now a scarf, to stall the effects of asthma, while I go about my business of watering my plants and walking around for a little exercise. Having a heater warm the house when cold is a nice and comfortable commodity, but I love to randomly open windows and doors to let a rush of cold air in to reinvigorate my spirits with a crisp jolt.

As the days get shorter, dusk arrives at a time when I can actually observe and enjoy sunsets. There is a comfortable air of joviality when we sit outside with friends and enjoy a conversation accompanied by a warm cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee. Lighted by a string of Christmas lights, our little porch becomes a comfortable sitting room that provides many days full of stories and great conversations.

The longest day of the year, June 21 marks, for me the beginning of a journey back into winter. Although many hot days away, I tent to view this day with sense of forward expectation to the time of year when the seasons will bring air, cold and water back into play, a time when I can go out and play in my element of cold and dark days.




Set for Solstice

Today’s Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). How are you taking advantage of the extra hours of light this time of year? Do you like it, or do you already miss earlier sunsets?



I was Dr Who



Written by Margarita Morgan

June 20, 2014


One of the best dream I have ever had involved the next reincarnation of Dr Who which happened to be me. In my dream, I was the Dr’s faithful companion until a fateful encounter forced him to regenerate. Due to obscure circumstances, the Dr was forced to pass on all of his knowledge into my own brain and thus I became the next incarnation of the famous time and space traveler.

One of the strange things about this dream was that I was aware of the TV production being filmed. I recall how exited I was when the producers told me the role would be mine next. We had finished filming the season finale and it was a surprise to everyone that a last minute script change made Dr Who injured in such a way he had to regenerate. The realism of the dream focused on the part of the TV show that brings new adventures and real danger to the characters. At that moment I realized that there were no special effects, everything that happened in the show was real and I was suddenly afraid to die since eventually I would have to pass the torch to the next guy. Enough of the danger was real, but even so, I was still excited to take part in such a prominent way on what is one of the most popular television stories of all time.

I woke up that day feeling great. My dream had truly followed a coherent timeline and even with the elements of fantasy, this dream was incredibly clear. Now, if you take into account that I’m not particularly fond of the show. . . Gasp! Yes, I said that out loud. . .it is the weirdest dream ever. I’ve tried to get into the Dr Who geekdom, but the attraction eludes me. In any case, taking into account that I’m not even a fan, I’m pretty sure that my psyche was aching to belong to this fandom and made me cherish the dream in a way I could really appreciate.

Indeed, I enjoyed the feeling and memories of this most unusual dream. I think that even as I enjoyed to be part of Dr. Who’s history, that perfect dream should have belonged to someone else. I think that a more faithful fan should have been rewarded with such an incredible feeling of awe and realism. I’m not complaining, though. Not everyone gets to be the Dr and rather that being a fan, I enjoyed what it seemed to me a great real life adventure.



Today’s inspiration for this post came from The Daily Prompt,

Freudian Flips

Do you remember a recent dream you had? Or an older one that stayed vivid in your mind? Today, you’re your own Freud: Tell us the dream, then interpret it for us! Feel free to be as serious or humorous as you see fit, or to invent a dream if you can’t remember a real one.