Bitter Sweet Delight

When I started to write the following piece, it was a simple idea that should have been written in a couple of sentences. It became a real challenge because I couldn’t come up with concise terms to describe what I wanted to say. To this day, this little review haunts me and I still can’t put it together. I would like to know if anyone out there knows what I’m talking about and rewrite this to reflect the main idea in more fluent and easily accessible terms.


A series of lectures in music appreciation by Professor Robert Greenberg is a bitter sweet delight that render our sense of flavor sensitive to the subtleties in aromas and textures. Concert music becomes like a delicacy, gradually permeating our taste buds to become an acquired taste. As this appreciation sets in, it becomes painfully clear, that while enjoying a new assortment of distinguishable elements, common amenities that previously satisfied our pallet become nothing more than mouthfuls of ordinary taste.


You see? And it’s so little! For the work I put into it, I should have come up with a composition worthy of publication in a fancy magazine, but I hit the wall really bad on this one. The final version eludes me. Come on, take the challenge, get into my head and tell me what it is that I’m trying to say.





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