Shun the Non Believers!

The Daily Prompt Times
June 2, 2314


With great fanfare and glory, officials have announced this morning that TyroCharm the Brave will in fact proceed to the next stage of holiness and become a saint. Controversy, however, will continue as many oppose the induction into sainthood of a celebrated supporter of imaginary little voices inside our heads.


Brave Souls who stepped up and allowed these voices to flourish within themselves, claim that the voices are real personalities that exist independent of the mind that host them. Therefore, whether a person has been deemed insane or not, every living creature within their heads has a right to exist. TyroCharm gave voice to her own little voices and her works of merciful acknowledgement will forever live on in the brave souls that have followed and continue to follow her example


It is in divine validation of the existence of all creatures created by our imagination that officials at the Center for Politically Correct Arts, put together a detail dossier of the life and works of the venerable TyroCharm to be accepted and therefore receive the honorable title of Patron Saint of Brave Souls.






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