League of Legends

It turns out that tournaments in the fairly new arena of e-sports are growing so rapidly, some people think it may threaten to overshadow landmark events such as the Super Bowl. When I heard about the numbers involved, it surprised me that at the rate of growth online games are expanding, it may be possible that a significant culture shift may in fact happen.

Sports, in a traditional sense, have been a major entertainment source since times back when people would gather not just to play, but to participate as expectators. The amount of entertainment derived from gatherings has offered significant sources of income, economic growth and socialization for all involved. Also, as technology has become part of this equation, the reach sports have acquired, has expanded beyond local communities and reached a global audience as well. However, in a time when information is a paramount commodity and time is a luxury, the appeal for e-sports has increased exponentially.

Just to throw some numbers at you with a well known online game. League of legends was first released in 2009. Season 1 World Championship had a first price of $5,000.00 and was watched by over 1.6 million people. This broadcast was on live stream and I dear say that if a television network would have jumped in, the audience would have been bigger, but is just my own opinion. Season 2 World Championship saw its audience increase to 8.2 million people, while Season 3 had a $1,000,000.00 first price tag and no less than 32 million viewers. That is fantastic, in both, the surprise element and the outstanding rate of growth

I also heard this morning that major sponsors are rushing to promote leagues, tournaments and individual players as well. There are professionals players that, at base salary, make a modest $25,000.00, while their super star opponents could make millions at it.

It would be great to write a research paper on this topic. I would love to fully engross myself in the statistics and technological developments involved in this area of entertainment. Today I just thought to share with you my little encounter with an area of competition I didn’t give much importance to before because it seemed to me like it was just simple computer game. The little conversation I heard on the topic was lively and its enthusiasm was contagious. Maybe I’ll even try my hand at an e-sport myself.



3 thoughts on “League of Legends

    • Sorry, I pushed the wrong button on my cellphone, everything is so close together, lol
      As I was saying, Focusing on League of Legends made the information in numbers more manageable. Even for a person not acquainted with online games like me, the evolution of e-games is impressive. Also, taking into account that these games do have a background story I expect people to keep track of seasons like they do for popular television shows.


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