Off it Goes!


Breathing Room

An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?


A room that disappears when you add more that three items could have real uses around my place. The most obvious use to me would be the ability to uncluttered my home in one trip. I would throw the bag of trash in, no need to walk outside to the trash can. Then, I would drag that metal chair that keeps sinking and loosing its shape when you sit on it. Lastly, and just in case it disappear on contact, I would load everything I don’t need anymore into a wheel barrel and off it goes into the unknown yonder.
Then again, the thought just occurred to me that I might throw in a mattress, a pillow, a blanket and then I would go to sleep there while “accidentally bringing my favorite book with me. I wonder if I would disappear along with the room because it would be awesome to be able to have some “me” time without going through guilt pangs about all the other things that need to be done. If I disappear, well, hey, what can I do, right?
The point of adding a room to my place would be to fill it up with things I need around so that I can enjoy more space everywhere else. I like my home, but wouldn’t change the layout unless I had some real use for it. So, with such limited use, this new room would serve me best as an trash disposal marvel.


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