IP Man

Back in the day when I was little, there was a TV show that by far, outshined all the others. It was Kung Fu with David Carradine. I think it was my first TV love. The simple gentle nature of the main character and his ability to swiftly kick butt when needed was very alluring to me. Since then, I’ve found a few real life individuals that approximate in skill and personality my all time favorite martial arts super hero. As a historical figure, I would choose IP Man to be my teacher, mentor and all around person of influence. Not only he became a Grand Master of Wing Chun, a branch of Shoaling Kung Fu, but he was also Bruce Lee’s teacher and mentor.

However, and note that it should be in capital letters. I grew up wishing I was a student of martial arts because I had no idea of all the work, dedication and commitment that it would take to be a student. After three years of trying to accomplish just that in the karate side of martial arts, I’m grateful to my Sensei for all the great lessons he taught me regarding humility, anger management and how to assess your own limitations. Mainly what I have to be grateful for, was the way I accidentally found that in my case, the Art of Crying was my forte. Since then, I proceeded to develop its range of efficacy with great success. Nothing brings out the good side of a bad ass looking traffic officer better that a good and sincere cry.

Never the less, I think that if I had a chance to be in the company of real life legends such as Bruce Lee, I would endure just about anything.


The Daily Prompt asks:

You can choose any person from history to teach you any topic you want. Who’s your teacher, and what do they teach you?

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