Faunticle Day

If I could dedicate a holiday to a distant relative, it would be to that uncle or aunt that we all have who are old family friends and have always been around. They are fun, helpful and always have a trick up their sleeve to get around your parents moratorium on no snacks until dinner time. Coming up with a name would be tricky, though. We could use, family plus uncle = Famcle day! Or maybe, friend plus aunt = Fraunt day! Now, wait, its coming, its coming . . . famcle plus fraunt = Faunticle Day! Yes, that could work, right?

We could all have a Faunticle Day. The best part of it is that as we celebrate this day with fun activities to reciprocate all the hard work they do helping our family around, we could include great traditions to pass on to our very own fauntneices or fauntephews some day

I had one such aunt growing up. She called Withane. The literal translation to her name is “With-an-e” and we used to pronounce it by default whithany. When she was younger, she went by the name Eugenia, but must kids used to call her Ugenia to which she would vehemently reply “With an E!, E-ugenia. Smart alecs would answer back, ok Whithan-e Ugenia, and eventually she simply became Withane

Don’t remember much about her, I was very little when we moved away, but going to her house for special visits were very much a treat. I recall with fondness when we would hear from her by way of other relatives who had gone to visit her. Eventually however, time took its toll and as I moved on to my own live pursuits, aunt Withane became more a legend like household name.

If we had a Faunticle Day, I’m sure that every effort would have been made to go visit aunt Whithane at least once a year. Currently my own kids have a Faunticle who is still an important person in their lives even as adults. We all go visit and have really fun Ice-cream afternoons with him. It would be great to have a day to celebrate specially for him. It would highlight the appreciation both my husband and I have for the way he has always helped our family. It would also show him that he doesn’t have to fit in a corner of other celebrated holidays that sometimes are awkward to divide, like Father’s or Mother’s day.

We could all use a Faunticle day and by default we should Call it Funticle Day! . . . Funtickle day? . . . er. . . wait, maybe, you decide.




The daily Prompt

Yesterday was Father’s Day in many countries. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why?

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6 thoughts on “Faunticle Day

    • Thank you, I hope that it picks up. There are lots of Faunticles out there. I personally would celebrate it along with talk like a pirate day, a whole theme party just for them=)


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