In My 15 Minutes of Fame, a Nightmare.

Instant Celebrity

If you could be a famous person for a day, who would you be? Why?

What a serendipitous question from The Daily Prompt it was to ask this morning. All night I was thinking of a tragic turn that life took for three of my daughter’s little friends. Over the past couple of weeks, just when people start to notice that things are a little weird, their own little world went from a normal day in the life of a child to an unknown future at the hands of an abusive parent and the terrible decisions, possibly forced by fear from their mother. If I was ever to be famous, it would be by a chance encounter with the perpetrator of such an unacceptable situation. It would probably land me front page headlines or 11:00 o’clock full story updates. A chance encounter that by accident brought to a standoff the raging tirades of a drunken or drugged man against the desperate attempts of a good intentioned neighbor to protect three little children who deserve to live without fear of their own dad.

I cannot imagine what a wonderful, loving and friendly guy took, did or simply fell into, but the picture of this man who adores his daughters is in severe contrast to the man accused of beating his wife and threatening neighbors with physical harm. It only took one day for events to degrade quickly into chaos framed by violence, fear and a police chase through the neighborhood to apprehend this man. Severely beaten, the mother took her little girls and disappeared along with her husband by what appears to be her own choice. Not even the threat of loosing her kids to child services made her hesitate to follow him. By all means, a self confident woman with a strong character, her fear induced decisions have made everyone that knew her try to make sense of what the undercurrent of events could be in real life. We are all pretty much shocked at the turn of these events.

I keep wondering what I would do if I crossed paths with them. I couldn’t possibly ignore what happened, but how do you approach a delicate situation like that in order to minimize the damage to already suffering children? What could anyone do to intervene in a delicate manner? I’m afraid all I got are headlines in my head. These headlines describe more violence and tragic events. I would not make a good famous person, I’m not dreaming right now of fame and fortune, I dream of an unwanted popularity by way of releasing frustration and anger. Not the kind of life saving action that is deserving of an every day hero, the kind that fulfill my own personal views on street justice. Today, if I was to be famous, it wouldn’t be a dream come true, it would be a deserving nightmare.



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