White Lies Commonly Known as Teen Vampires

Written by Margarita Morgan

June 24, 2014



Long gone are the days when the thought of vampires would send shivers down our spine. Such dark themes were reserved for horror stories that were best suited for late night gatherings with friends. Horror movies were appealing when they showed vampires because their existence seemed plausible. It used to be that the idea of real life vampires was more acceptable. Always surrounded by mystery, shrouded by darkness and limited in their range of operation, vampires were sometimes revered, but most of the time they were feared. Even with the limitations these creatures possessed, their ability to blend in with humans depended on carefully crafted situations where vampires had control of their surroundings. Therefore, all one needed to do to avoid falling prey to a vampire was to heed the stereotypical advices from “recorded” experiences by vampire hunters and witnesses. To keep it simple, just stay clear of dark places, carry a crucifix, eat garlic and keep a mirror handy, oh and you couldn’t forget the handy bottle of holy water. By all accounts, vampires were evil creatures that had to be exterminated before they spread their ravaging condition to innocent victims. In the category where unknown mysteries abound such as evil spirits, ghosts and other unexplained phenomena, vampires had a special place where people didn’t considered them quite fantasy, but could not exactly prove their existence.

Now days, the vampire genre has resurfaced to accommodate all manners of human like qualities and virtues that make contemporary vampires a clear fictitious creature that many a times fights its nature to become more humanly acceptable. Now days, vampires are mostly teenagers. They are cool, beautiful and many are super nice, hey, they even glitter in the sunlight. We also have supernatural talismans that allow them to walk during the day and they are near heroes if not outright “people” of great character that make a great example of a kinder, gentler not quite evil creature. In this new vampire mythology, humans tend to be the unreasonable ones that cannot accept a natural weakness of which vampires are victims of. We are prompted to accept their nature as a difference that should be tolerated and understood, after all, they don’t need to kill humans anymore. They can just eat donated blood. It may not seem like a big deal if you are a contemporary vampire fan, but to me, the loss of traditional Vampire lore is a casualty of political correctness gone wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, as a vampire enthusiast, I have read and watched just about every teen and old time story that is out there. I love the TV show “The Originals” and I could not live without live stream of the popular anime “Vampire Knights”. However, I do miss the old stories that were focused on the horrors of ambiguous creatures that were not easily discovered and that lurked in dark places waiting for unsuspecting victims. I used to be really afraid of vampires when I was a child. More than ghosts, I dreaded the thought of being ambushed from the shadows in my room. I spent many sleepless nights watching the windows from my bed trying to assure myself that they were all locked in. Back then, I don’t think people wanted to be vampires, they were something to be afraid of and their lifestyle as described by common knowledge was nothing to be desired for. Vampires of today live in comfort and it makes people want to join in especially for the seemingly eternal length of such an appealing lifestyle.

Call me old fashion, but I regret that there are not too many popular stories that focus on the horrifying and perverted side of vampires. New vampires appeal to me in their own contemporary context, but even so, I wish that the two creatures were easily separated from one another by a more defined difference in their nature.






4 thoughts on “White Lies Commonly Known as Teen Vampires

    • I agree, they do have their charm, but it seems to me like a completely different creature. As long as I hear that distinction, I’m happy. Classic Vampire lore is still my favorite and in my opinion the best of the two.


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  2. Thank you Barry for your amazing story, however, being that there is no access to your profile nor a blog or website where people can go and socialize with you. I have edited your post to remove your email address. Normally, spam comments bear the same characteristics and I’m not too keen in forwarding unsuspected victims to a marketing scheme.
    If you decide to share with us some more from your fantastic new life, I’d be more than happy to reinstate the email you provided.
    In the meantime, I would love to know more about your transformation, it sounds exciting, but not very appealing for myself. I kind of like my life at the moment, but who knows, right? lol


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