Barbeque Blues

Thinking about today’s daily prompt, the first thing that crossed my mind was how I love the smell of smoke from fireplaces that float in the air towards evening on a cold winter’s night. I was sorely reminded however that in contrast with a smell I associate with comfort when sitting by the fire of a wood burning fireplace, summer brings about constant smoke from barbeques that in to my sense of smell is at times simply revolting.

Whether the fuel of a barbeques is propane, wood or charcoal, the moment the meal touches the flames, my nose is assaulted by a distinct scent of burning flesh that make my nostrils recoil in disgust. I’m not a vegetarian and do enjoy the flavor that barbeque meat acquires in the grill, but as far as the way it smells when I catch a faint scent in the air, I can’t help but to search refuge in the safety of a closed climate control room.

Summer brings about a lot of family-get-togethers or simply traditional meals in family backyards that often involved simple hot dogs and hamburgers. The smell of burning meat carries a long way especially if a light breeze gently disperses it over a large area.

There are perhaps many other smells I could associate summer with, but burning flesh is by far the strongest unpleasant smell that comes to mind when the weather turns nice. One person in the neighborhood may be using the barbeque grill to cook, but that is just enough for me to hide indoors until the smell is gone.




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