The Hobbit Movies

Movie review by Margarita Morgan
June 25, 2014


The great anticipation that preceded Peter Jackson‘s latest venture into Tolkien’s stories has been for some of us quite anticlimactic. Both of the latest Hobbit movies have lost the lightheartedness that in my opinion is what this beloved children’s tale is all about.

As a preamble to his earlier Lord of the Ring films, Jackson’s newest films are a good bridge that brings to life many stories that were not clearly explained before. Never the less, The Hobbit is a book for children that by itself holds a unique perspective on Tolkien’s mythology. By making The Hobbit movies a part or more like prequels to the Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, Peter Jackson has neglected to bring out the charm and appeal of the original book.

Watching the new Hobbit movies has left me with a sense of disappointment that is not easily relieved by the over use of CGI effects and added scenes of which not even Tolkien’s indexes talked about. The Hobbit as a book is a masterpiece with a target audience that is primarily children. The director’s intent to extent the target audience into more mature viewers already invested into the LOTR trilogy is destroying the comedic elements that were a staple mark of the Hobbit. For that matter, Peter Jackson did a superb job with the LOTR adaptation, but he should have realized that the hobbit was a separate story that although included many similarities in historical background and characters, it had a tale that flourished on its own individual flavor and tempo.

My six year old daughter loved the book, but was bored by the movies. Similarly, I appreciated reading the Hobbit, but found the new movies to be more of a prequel to LOTR adaptation of peter Jackson and not at all the book that I have read many times with great delight. I wouldn’t dismiss the movies entirely either. They have shown to be great visual treats when it comes to realizing the descriptions of Tolkien’s different cities and nations. The scenery is breathtaking and as usual, the costumes and make up are first class.

If you want an in depth visual aid to add to your imagination when you go through Tolkien’s books again, the entire adaptation into films from Peter Jackson is a great source of imagination. If you want to enjoy the story with its original humor and wonder, continue to read the book, it never gets old and it always delivers great joy.






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