One More Reason Why Books Are Great

Written by Margarita Morgan
July 14, 2014


When it comes to going or doing something in order to put off work, nothing comes closer than grabbing a good book and sitting down to forget about the rest of the world. Not only do books have the greatest stories that transport you into fascinating places, but they also embrace you in a tale that becomes as much part of your world as it is the character’s own. The added bonus to this destination when trying to procrastinate is that many times books are informative as well bringing your excuse of reading a book to the level of a well thought out “reason” to righteously justify why you leave some chores unattended.

The main purpose for reading a book is of course, to experience many lives and their unique stories, or to be inspired by heartwarming accounts of inspirational tales. However, technology has also made it possible for books to be accessible in many different formats. For that reason, Books as a tool for procrastination can be available at the touch of a button in your computer making it seem like you are working on a project when in fact you are catching up with your reading.

Who doesn’t appreciate it when others are trying to educate themselves? For that reason, informative books are a perfect cover if and when you need a “reason” for postponing something else that you are told needs to be done. Informative is not necessarily boring. There are great autobiographies out there that are as good as any great fantasy or sci-fi best seller. If you prefer pictures, informative books about nature, historical landmarks or travel destinations are sure to fill in your sense of awe with stunning images.

While some people make of procrastination an art, I think that what makes the art is the form you use to procrastinate. Books in that sense, out rank by far other activities, mostly because you could very well disguise reading in some circumstances as part of your work, others as an important chore that needs to be done. Even if you just want to sit somewhere and think, I suggest you pick up a book and pretend to read, that alone will make you look very intellectual.


Daily Prompt:
Now? Later!
We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?


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