The gods of rain

Written by Margarita Morgan
July 17, 2014


When the desert is being pounded by the ravages of heat, one of the most comforting smells that advent some relief, is the aroma of unexpected rain. Let me point out that even when rain is forecasted, my little part of the world is hidden at the mouth of the canyons that connect The Antelope Valley with the Los Angeles basin area and we are inexplicably sheltered from most rain while also inexplicably get the worst of the Santa Ana winds. As far as scattered showers are concerned, most of the rain seems to go around us.

There was a particular day when our sky was clear despite of the rain clouds that loomed in our vicinity. I took my daughter to the local park where there was a cheer meeting for uniform fittings. The air was saturated with the smell of rain and we all commented on the fact that we wished it would rain here more often to relive the smoldering heat that felt unbearable. Well, the gods of rain took a moment from their busy schedule and decided that they were going to grace us with a little bit of rain, it seemed however that they threw an entire god size bucket upon us.

All at once, while more that a dozen little girls and their moms and siblings were hovering in the area where our dressing room was, otherwise commonly known as the bathroom, rain poured down in the way of buckets with drops of rain that at the beginning seemed to come from the blue sky itself. As the mothers gathered their little ones from the playground to bring them under the protection of the bathroom porch, we saw that the approaching clouds were moving rapidly overhead and the rain intensified even faster.

Picture: CC

Picture: CC

Not two minutes later and still many mothers struggling to wrangle the little wildlings, an onslaught of warm water pelted everyone on their way to safety. Rain continued to fall with an intensity not seen in this area since . . . ever! Everyone talked about it. It all lasted about fifteen minutes, but the lingering effects were those of a full blown storm that passes over as least a day long. What we saw on our way home were the mini lakes and rivers typical in our town which in known to get flooded during rainstorms.

That day we were left with 100+ degree temperatures and the humidity index was 98%. Apparently there is no better rainstorm than the chattering of little cheer leaders in the bathroom. We should consider that next time there is a heat wave with a high humidity index in the air. May the gods of rain keep their eyes away from this location in the future as we remain happy to get the little rain that is normally due in our area.



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