“Let it Go” Hangs on and on

Written by Margarita Morgan
July 24, 2014



We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now the song that would remind me most of the summer in 2014 would be Frozen’s “Let it Go”. There is no surprise there. I suspect you’ve all heard it by now. It’s a catchy tune that seems to leak itself into every moment of the day. With a seven year old girl who knows the song by heart, there is no shortage of situations where she repeats the words “Let it Go” after someone else or she says them herself in tune with the melody every time these words come up in a conversation.

While the song has been around for a few months, it wasn’t until the end of the school year that really cemented this tune into our household. Courtesy of our end of year recital in which every kid in town united to sing “Let it Go”, out loud, with gusto and unhindered by adults, everyone in town I believe, will remember this song forever as a staple mark of this summer.

Every day, every moment, “Let it Go” just hangs on and on and on, not just in my ears when I hear it repeatedly, but in my head as well. I can feel the etching this melody has carved in my memory. It feels like a deep abyss that has been chiseled into my brain one musical note at a time and seems to find no end. While I do appreciate the raw talent and lively inclination that my daughter has towards music, I would much prefer that she would vary her repertoire. For now it seems that “let it go” will be Frozen in time to mark 2014 the year when summer lasted a lifetime.


The Daily Prompt
Musical Marker
We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?


7 thoughts on ““Let it Go” Hangs on and on

  1. Every generation has a song that seems like a stuck record, only they don’t know what that means. lol The years of Disney animations are far past us and this song was originally introduced to me through one of my bloggy friends on Monday’s Music Moves Me. I find that when I hear it, the song is stuck inside my head for quite sometime, but that isn’t a bad thing. It was nice to meet you through Singing Saturday Challenge. Your prompt reminded me that I want to download Let It Go from iTunes for months, so that being said I think I will do that now. Have a tunetastic week! 😉


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