Good Wine Wishes

Written by Margarita Morgan
July 25, 2014

CC quinn.anya on flckr

CC quinn.anya on flckr

Reading through stories that are set in the past, one of the things that attract my curiosity is how characters go about drinking wine as if it was water. When authors describe a variety of wines and their particularly unique attributes, it builds in my head this particularly romantic idea about the atmosphere that surrounds this drink and its embedded existence in yesteryear stories. It all sounds very appealing to me.

I grew up among people that drink wine, beer and other spirits is general, yet, somehow I never acquired the taste for them and therefore I don’t drink alcoholic beverages as a rule. Right after reading a scene in which people quench their thirst with spice wine or some other similar reference like that, my imagination invites me to take a chance once more and try to drink, this time thinking that I will enjoy the wine thoroughly as people do in the books I read.

The results vary, but the one consistent result that has not changed since I first tried to persuade myself of expanding the sophistication of my palate is that I most certainly am rudely awakened by a bitter and dry flavor that also chokes me and takes my breath away. Invariably and quite disappointingly, right after I smell the wine in my cup my nose is overwhelmed, and not to be daunted by an unsophisticated sense of smell, I push on because surely, this time, this richly looking liquid that lingers on the side of my cup has if nothing else, the consistency of an inviting flavor. Again, my taste buds swiftly reject my prize and once more, the romantic idea in my head that wine is a delicacy that comforts everything from thirst to tiredness falls to pieces and I’m left with a sense of betrayal.

I don’t particularly try to do other things I read in books, but tasting wine for some reason always calls my attention. I know there is no deception intended, I mean, just because in fantasy fiction books people fly doesn’t mean I’m going to try doing the same. However and depending on the author, when I read about people drinking wine I just want to be part of an atmosphere that appreciates a good vintage. Never the less, There is nothing better than immersing our senses in a good book and for now, that is the way in which I will enjoy a good cup of wine.

Do you have a favorite wine?



2 thoughts on “Good Wine Wishes

  1. Yes, but most people don’t like it, Morgan David Concord Grape or Manischewitz® Concord Grape (a Kosher wine), because that’s what my Grandpa and my parents would let us taste at Christmas.


    • I’ve had Manischewits in small portions, it is very sweet and I can appreciate that. I wonder of I’m the only one that can’t finish an entire cup. lol
      For Christmas, They’d let us taste a Mexican drink called Rompope (the one with a Nun is the best). It’s similar to eggnog in taste, only it’s thick and creamy. I still have that about once a year. My repertoire of wines of literally just Rompope and Manischewits which is what my husband prefers to drink.


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