The 8th Deadly Sin: Story Spoiling

Written by Margarita Morgan
August 3, 2014


It is my belief that when the Seven Deadly Sins were originally categorized, The Powers That be of that time did not have the foresight to anticipate the tragic results and damage to ones psyche resulting from intentional story spoiling. Had this ancient Powers That Be known about the harmful impact story spoiling would have in the lives of devoted TV show fans or movie geeks in the future, they most assuredly would have included Story Spoiling as the most vile and insidious deadly sin of them all. These fateful lists were created to curve mankind’s evil tendencies and although it is difficult to come up with a new category in cardinal aggressions that is not already included in the original Seven Deadly Sins, Story Spoiling stands out as a tragic action towards innocent minds who wish to experience stories chronologically. It should be, by its own account, as deadly of a sin as any other if you ask me and any other unfortunate soul who’s had their world crumble when a crucial detailed has been revealed regarding a much anticipated TV or movie tale. Soon enough, contemporary Powers That Be will catch up to our times and work to update their lists to include Story Spoiling as the 8th Deadly Sin. Until then, we can rejoice knowing that just as Sheperd Derrial Book from The Firefly crew believed that there is a little place in hell reserved for those people who like to speak at the movie theatre, there is no doubt that the bowels of Hades hunger for the likes of insensitive story spoiling individuals who will experience unimaginable tortures next to their deserving movie talking neighbors.



Daily Prompt
The Eighth Sin
Remember the seven cardinal sins? You’re given the serious task of adding a new one to the list — another trait or behavior you find particularly unacceptable, for whatever reason. What’s sin #8 for you? Why?


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3 thoughts on “The 8th Deadly Sin: Story Spoiling

  1. It’s so true.. Like recently when my husband taped a sports game and deliberately didn’t listen to the radio etc… and on his way home stopped for a routine checking for drinking drivers, and my husband said he was at his grandson’s hockey game and the policeman says… oh you like hockey.. how about those Leafs winning tonight!!!! Diane


    • Aaaaargh! I feel for your husband, but sometimes there is just no way to avoid spoilers. I have been spoiled so many times even though I stay away from media and people, all it takes is one little comment from someone that passes by to bring out a whole picture and ruin exactly what you are anticipating. lol

      Recently, I read an article that suggested a 24 hour moratorium for spoilers, but it ultimately left the responsability to the people that didn’t watch live to whatever show, movie or game they intended to. personally i think it would be nice to hear or read spoilers ahead before someone drops such bombs in front of you. It’s just common courtesy.

      I got spoiled once with a simple picture even though there were no words. That was a hard one to get over with because it was the end to a season I had not watched. lol


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