Follow the Leader

Written by Margarita Morgan
August 10, 2014


Pretty much any written article that floats around the internet is ignored on my account unless I see it posted by or I see it on the wall of either one of the many wonderful friends I have online. It doesn’t matter what the news brake is or the movie review that is popular, the moment I see it posted on one of my friends’ wall, say on Facebook, I dig into it because I know that if they thought it was interesting, then it surely is. The same goes when choosing a good book to read. There has to be a recommendation from someone I know before I invest my time in it.

Like a curse that is bent on stifling my spirit of adventure, every time I have chosen a book on my own, I have had a horrible time reading it or it has disappointed me to the point of emotional Such was the case with the books from The Game of Thrones, the Divergent series and another series whose name and author I’ve thankfully forgotten, but whose traumatic mental images still haunt me. wheeloftime

Of the books that I picked up with serious reservations and based solely on my friends’ reviews I’ve purchased all the books from The Wheel of Time, The sword of Truth series which along with Fableheaven and The Lord Of the Rings, have become a family staple mark for fantasy discussion. Basically everything else I have read in my adult life has been the result of a second opinion.

Another one of my sources for trusted recommendations is the website where I’ve been prompted to get audio books based on both my wish list and previous purchases. audibleAudible has a good system for pairing reading trends with new publications and so far, of the audio books they have brought to my attention, none have been a waste of time.

I have a particularly wondering nature. I guess it’s my own way of accessing information to focus on headlines everywhere until something presents a well of priceless information I cannot pass up. I rely on the opinions of people I know to find precious jewels to read whether they are news articles or books, I love to follow leads. This method for finding great stories has proven itself over and over and it is sure to continue to provide many interesting reads for years to come.


Daily Prompt
Second Opinion
What are some (or one) of the things about which you usually don’t trust your own judgment, and need someone’s else’s confirmation?


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