Adventurous Spirits

Written by Margarita Morgan
August 21, 2014

El salar de uyuni

Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia

If money was not in the equation, instead of having a job I would travel all over the world in search of evidence that would show the marvels of what once were The Library of Alexandria and The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. After that, there would be lots of time for other adventures visiting natural marvels of the world that are still around now days.

Can you imagine what it would be like to find The Library of Alexandria? If I had the money for that expedition, I would be relentless in the search for even an ancient stone that marked its location, but if there was any part if it that was still standing, I would make every effort to reconstruct or replicate in a nearby location what it looked like. Of course the real treasure would be to find that many of its scrolls, parchments, tablets and other scriptures were still available. Maybe the entire library is buried somewhere and its contents are still intact. What a treat that would be!

My next stop would be in search of clear and concrete evidence of the way the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were created. I would love to recreate them in my very own back yard, but for the better appreciation of this wonder and for the benefit of my fellow human brethren, the public would be most welcome to visit and enjoy them as well.

But let us not stop just yet, the world offers many natural wonders as well as ancient ruins that are impressive and I would waste no time visiting remote locations to enjoy them first hand. There is the City of Petra in Jordan and I would visit Japan and not leave until I see the blooming of cherry trees that grace Japan’s city and country landscapes so beautifully. What about the Tianzi mountains in China? ooh, oh! and then we have the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia. There’s just no end to all the wonders and marvels I would visit if I had the time and the money to finance such expedition. I bet some of you would tag along and you would be most welcome. As a matter of fact, since we’re talking about a time where money won’t be an issue, I’m willing to take all who would appreciate this unique set of expeditions. What do you say? Adventurous spirits welcomed!



Daily Prompt
Work? Optional!
If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?



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