Deadly Dreams

Written by Margarita Morgan
August 31, 2014

The sound of silence, sort of say, speaks in loud awareness of your immediate surroundings and this particular time I was surrounded by an overwhelming feeling of peace and joy, only that it shattered suddenly at the very moment I realized that I was dead. In one of my dreams, I had just died.

It was a pleasant, indistinct day and my companion and I were having a leisurely drive through the dessert. The whole episode was sudden. We were driving down the road with no concerns whatsoever as a red pick up truck approached from the opposite direction. There was no time to react when I noticed the truck turning towards us at the last minute. I remember feeling the impact and then my emotions surged to fuel fear and confusion at the surprise in a thin thread of awareness that told me our car rolled over at least once before it stopped on the side of the road.

I remember the car was leaning at an incline towards my side and I could feel blood running down from my head and into my right arm. Although I don’t remember who was driving our car, I recall vaguely my concern for him, it was definitely a him, but that moment of awareness was flooded by a torrent of pain that consumed my thoughts. My eyes were blinking looking through the front of the car that no longer had a windshield, and then darkness set upon my vision even though I don’t remember closing my eyes. Slowly, the intense pain I had was replaced by a feeling of tingling throughout my body and I felt as if I was floating. I was then struck by the most pleasant feeling of peace and joy I had ever felt. It is difficult to describe the intensity of such an overwhelming emotion, suffice to say that I eagerly succumbed to its embrace. I could compare my immersion in this new sensation as that of the silence that sets upon your immediate atmosphere right after someone turned off the volume of a savagely loud pounding of drums.

I awoke sharply from this experience and was already seated on my bed and panting with labored breathing from the shock of what I thought was my premature dead. Once I realized it had been only a dream, I lay down in bed again, but this time and without thinking about it, I tried to go back to that wonderful feeling of joy I experienced before. I had no luck. The crumbs of emotion left over from my dream made me feel as if after being submerged into a swimming pool, I tried to replicate what I felt by getting wet with a single drop of water. Not even close by comparison, yet, the memory of experiencing such joy and peace got me to loose the fear of dead that was almost always present in my mind since I was a child.

Have you ever had a dream in which you died?






10 thoughts on “Deadly Dreams

  1. Well, I remember being executed. My dream (or nightmare) was set in a dystopian world. I was supposed to attend an event, but I dare refused. Uniformed persons took me, along with the others. We were prepped for ‘mass electrocution.’ But I did something that earned me one horrible shot. It was painful and I was wheezing. I was practically coughing blood. I begged for mercy, to end the torture and finish me. I got that shot.
    Then I jumped into another dream… Weird, eh?


    • I wouldn’t say it’s weird, actually it seemed like a perfectly coherent dream. It is actually a great story as well. lol
      The weird part is that you jumped into another dream right after. Did it seem like a nightmare or was it just a mayest of fact dream? Did it make you think differently about dieing?

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      • It really felt like a nightmare, like I became some sort of Katniss Everdeen. Dying? I have always felt that death was natural. I just kept on wondering why people don’t like discussing it, like it’s some sort of taboo.


      • If it had been Catniss, your dream would have been an adventure, it seems to me you were more like Tris from Divergent. =D
        I was one of those people that felt uncomfortable discussing or even thinking about death until my dream, the experience was so real it completely took away the fear I had before. Now days, I even joke about it.

        Well, it is a good thing that they are only dreams, I specially like that even in bad dreams we can learn something.

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    • I’m not sure that my dream is something to wish for, I still have an unsettling feeling about it. While in the dream, it was a beautiful experience in regards to what happened after I died, but even though I’m not afraid to die anymore, that particular experience made me appreciate all that I have lived since then, but in a weird regretful way, sort of like I’m alive and I love being here, but I do know there is something else out there I want to go to.


  2. There is a technique and it is more than just day-dreaming. I guess you do some sort of meditation type activities just before you fall asleep so that when you are in a dream your mind still retains some sort of conscious awareness. I don’t really know all that much about it but there are resources on the internet regarding how to practice it.


    • Actually, thinking more on the subject reminds me of the Twilight Zone. In one episode a person was adamant that they were all living in a dream and if the person dreaming woke up, they were all going to die. I think that if you retain a level of consciousness in your dream, it could be exiting in an Inception movie sort of way, but it could also be dreadful to be trapped like that guy in The Twilight Zone. I’m conflicted now. lol


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