The Claiming of Pantonah

Victorian mirror

Responsibility weighs heavily upon a firstborn child. For Princess Marguerite, the opportunity to switch lives with her sister Madeline was not something she had to think about. With swift assurance and voracious eagerness, Marguerite took the two face mirror towards her sleeping sister and looked upon little Madeline’s reflection through the window that magically reflected her sister’s face. Once again, transformed into the precocious little girl here sister was, Marguerite ran out the door as her sister slumbered in a magical spell that would last until once more the mirror looked at the two faces simultaneously. This was the second time she tried the spell. Last month her little adventure only lasted half a day as audiences for her future subjects began unexpectedly when an earthquake damaged several buildings in a village nearby prompting her father, King George to go out on an inspection of the damage while leaving his heir in charge of everyday court duties.

As an heir to the throne, Marguerite’s time was not only occupied with studies in royal affairs, history and arts, but also with physical training in horsemanship, archery and other suitable activities that a princess of her stature should master before assuming the throne of the most celebrated kingdom in the Known World. The only fun Marguerite had, was when she would sneak into the library available only to the Fire Sages that guarded knowledge as a if it was itself a dangerous weapon. Most of the scrolls and books contained in this library were forbidden to secular eyes, but Hilde, the royal nanny had given Marguerite a copy of a map that showed a secret passage that enter the library trough one of the mirrored skylights that provided illumination to the inner most rooms of the royal palace during the day. After committing the passage to memory, she herself returned the map to its proper location as directed by Hilde. Since then, her adventures in the library during the night had not stopped. When she found the mirror, she had to enlist the help of Hilde to recommend that a tutor in ancient runes was assigned to her. Keeping the secret from everyone else, she applied to learn quickly so that the incantation for the spell was correct when she used this mirror Hilde told her was a legendary magical artifact.

Today, having feigned symptoms of an approaching cold, Marguerite left her body behind from a visit to Castle Keystone and she took up on her sister’s image to disguise her spying mission as the curiosity and precociousness of a spunky little princess who constantly manage to have little supervision and a lot of fun breaking the strict rules of royal protocols. Hilde was no just the royal nanny; Unknown to the princesses, she was also Master Strategist for King George and Commander of the Secret Royal Guard which had a foothold in every realm of the Known world. Having assigned Marguerite her current adventure and information gathering mission, she stayed behind caring for the princess’ body. Her network of informants would keep her apprised of Marguerite’s progress and in the meantime, she would begin to cast a spell on the teenage body that would slow down aging and enhance her faculties while leaving Madeline’s consciousness untouched. Unlike King George, when Marguerite assumed the throne she would also be the heir to the Unknown World. The magic of Pantonah was sipping back into the Known World and it was time to claim authority over the magic realm as the strength of the current ruler was diminishing and could not contain the boundary that separated the two worlds.


Written by Margarita Morgan
September 9, 2014

Daily Prompt:

Next in Line

A second #RoyalBaby will soon be joining the Windsors in England. Given the choice, would you rather be heir to the throne, or the (probably) off-the-hook sibling?


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