Guilty Pleasures

One does not need an overload of information to loose track of common sense. Some people are naturally challenged in this aptitude and unwillingly provide a stream of vivid images if not situations for the rest of us to talk about. While many times the lack of common sense in an individual is a most frustrating experience for those around them, other times the situations that arise from brave souls acting out their ideas in hindsight result in a comedic scene that albeit a little embarrassment and harmless pain, provide an entertaining experience for the rest of people that watch at a safe distance.

TruTV has one of the most hilarious shows I have seen in recent years. Every time I run across The World’s Dumbest . . . Dummies, I cannot help but watch the show with carefree abandonment at the expense of those around me who have to suffer my loud and ruckus laugh. Being a shameless fan of the Darwin Awards, this show brings to life all kinds of videos which could very well be honorable mentions. The gene pool of these human creatures continues to expand, contrary to the Darwin Awards and in this show, all of the protagonists end up alive and well . . . after they recover from the consequences of their own lack of common sense.

Quite a few times I catch myself covering my mouth as I make loud exclamations of surprise in anticipation to what looks like a gloriously dumb idea. Let me tell you, I’m not particularly bright myself, but as they usually say, “The instinct to survive is strong with this one” and when it comes to taking risks, I’m better off not tempting fate. How on earth can these people not foresee what is so plainly obvious to the test of us? The actors that make comments on each video are comedians that come up with a variety of improvised one-liners augmenting the funny reactions to an already humorous situation. Although most of these videos are recorded while attempting to capture a moment of glory, their unexpected turn into humor is priceless.

I’m not very proud of my tastes in comedy. For the most part, when I’m not involved deciphering British humor, which is my favorite, I tend to celebrate dorky and silly humor, but truTV has a way of bringing the feral child in me when it airs The World’s Dumbest Dummies and I loose track of my usually composed demeanor. . . (She grins). I give the show a high rating purely based on my personal preferences. If you ever watch this show, I dare you not to laugh threefold when the actors deliver their usual deadpan comments.


Written by Margarita Morgan
September 14, 2014

Daily Prompt:
Overload Alert
“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein
Do you agree?




6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

    • This type of videos I find entertaining, but I cannot watch those that are like jackass. When they do it for a reality show, I find them stupid, ridiculous and most of the time out of taste. I roll my eyes as well. lol

      I enjoy those that are spontaneous because people involved genuinely believe they will come out on top. This particular show calls me because of the comedians making comments, makes me wish I had an arsenal of such wit.


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