Not Just a Pretty Face


This little flower stood tall against the unwavering heat of a day in summer.  It was the only flower to bloom from a batch of wild flowers I planted next to my storage shade. Between direct sunlight and unrelenting heat from the plastic on the wall of the shed,  all other flowers would dry out before they opened their petals.

When I took this picture,  I didn’t think it was special in any way. A few days ago as I was sorting through my albums I realized that it was the only flower to bloom in that area through the summer.  Not only did I see this flower as unique,  but I also thought that it’s bright colors captured a defiance towards adversity that taunted the harsh elements pounding on its delicate petals.

The cheerful and lively appearance of this flower hides within a multitude of small victories against elements that destroyed all of its other companions. This one little flower is indeed not just a pretty face.


By Margarita Morgan

September 18, 2014


Ready, Set, Done

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.




3 thoughts on “Not Just a Pretty Face

    • I think is mostly the camera. It has a steady image feature, but I will take the credit because it makes me feel special. lol
      Either way I’m having fun with all the surprising details I find after taking the pictures.

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