I am TyroCharm



My story which is very simple, really, short and sweet. I was born four months ago in a little town called WordPress and although the children of this town are many and they have populated the world far and wide, I say it is little because the community I live in is small and filled with a few wonderful friends whom I owe everything I am today. I was a small little blog when I when I first took hesitant steps into the world of writing. I stumbled and fell, but the WordPress community is full of helpful individuals that guide one as me through a maze of hints and tips to overcome a most severe lack of knowledge when expressing eloquently the things I’m trying to say. I grew up surrounded by a group of friends that supported me through those times I wrote awful pieces of random thoughts, and who also enjoyed with me a number of posts that send our imaginations all over the world exploring fantastic adventures. I’m not proud of everything I have written over the past few months, but in doing so I have learned to appreciate the power that words have when expressing feelings, ideas and notions. I have also leaned that the potential for writing what you want lies just beneath the surface of perception and the best way to get at it is to write constantly whether publicly or privately in my hand written journal. With daily prompts offered at every corner of WordPress, I am never short of stories that keep me company even when I choose to stay home and not publish with my friends during a morning out at the Daily Reader. Recently, I’ve taken to publish my own pictures that mostly reflect the life of flowers in my garden. It has been a wonderful experience to meet you all and share in your stories as well. I am grateful to be part of a small community that appreciates the writings of great authors as well as the efforts that novice writers make in their journey to be better.



Flash Talk

You’re about to enter a room full of strangers, where you will have exactly four minutes to tell a story that would convey who you really are. What’s your story?


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