Brutal Honesty, Subtle Sarcasm . . . Welcome!

When it comes to words of critique, brutal honesty is the best way to get my attention. For some reason I have always taken people at their word. If they make a comment, you can be sure that I believe they mean what they said. I don’t do well when trying to recognize hidden meaning in backhanded compliments or subtle hints to indicate that what I wrote is bad. Actually, many times I don’t even get sarcasm at all which makes the instigating party very frustrated at times. That is my way subconscious way of getting back at them, I suppose.

Similarly, although I have learned to circumvent the truth when doing a critique, I tend to be brutal at times. However, my comments are usually part of a longer conversation I had in my mind and the part that makes it through my mouth is usually something that is perceived as sarcastic and or completely out of left field. I also had to learn to just be quiet and smile when other people are glorifying something that plainly needs a lot of work, you could say that at the moment I’m practicing a spiritual work of mercy. I find it difficult to deliver an honest thought when a person is in need of support so smiling is the best form of feedback.

If you visit my place and see something that needs to be improved on or corrected, just say so. In my little corner of the world, you don’t have to tip toe around a subject. You can be yourself completely. Note that politeness is always appreciated, but I’m not afraid to take a punch. My absent minded psyche protects me from taking offense and I just might get the point you are trying to make.

I especially appreciate suggestions to my works of fiction because I’m trying to acquire a distinct writing style that would be effective in compelling emotions out of my readers and if it is not working, I would like to know how I can convey my ideas better.
Thank you in advance if you decide to be brutally honest when criticizing my writing and similarly, my apologies if my answer is not well padded.



Daily Prompt
Handle With Care
How are you at receiving criticism? Do you prefer that others treat you with kid gloves, or go for brutal honesty?


4 thoughts on “Brutal Honesty, Subtle Sarcasm . . . Welcome!

  1. crystal clear in expressions, this articulate work needs an audacious praise, no criticism at all, it may sound as a treat with kid gloves but, skilled work deserves a better compliment, when feedback is just a smile, that’s quite a priceless one, very well bottled up your thoughts, thoroughly enjoyed reading, like to read more of your writings, have a wonderful afternoon dear 🙂


    • Thank you!
      The bashful kid in me blushes and and flutters her eyes while sporting a huge gratifying grin of appreciation. She humbly accepts your compliments, overwhelmed at your kind, wonderful words, but she is no match for the Feral child in me who raises her hands in triumph while screaming at the top of her lungs “nailed it, Yeah!”
      In all seriousness, I hope you enjoy the comment section as well. Thank you for everything you said.

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