Longest Reading Queue, Purely for Fun.


My current pile of books to read, minus G.D. Falksen’s Ouroboros Cycle series. It’s somewhere around here. =)


Reading for fun is a category of its own. There is no difference between the genres I read when I enjoy a book in question. There is a lot of fun when it comes to reading a fiction piece, I mean, who doesn’t like to submerge themselves in a story full of fantastic elements whether magical, mysterious or suspenseful? Also, there are a number of books that provide the reader with a limitless well of wonder by detailing the life of a historical figure or how about reading an inspirational book where the reader is transported to different travel locations with beautiful and compelling photographs? Similarly, science and technology offer many books at every level of knowledge to detail wondrous discoveries.

When a person is reading for fun, anything goes, in my opinion. However, my preferred genre of reading is Fantasy and Science Fiction. More fantasy I suppose since lately, either medieval magic or obscured vampires have invaded my reading queue list and by the looks of it, It will be a good while before I move on to other equally enjoyable pastures. There was a time when I could have answered to the call of voracious reader, but sadly, since I retired from my job, I have too many things to do with and for my seven year old daughter to keep up with all the books I want to read. Now days, I have to choose one book and stick to it until it is done. Nothing wrong with that, but in my case I used to have many stories in my head while I went about my day. Now I can hardly keep up with the only book I’m reading since my real life demands more attention now that I’m retired, believe it or not and the pile of book I want to read keeps getting bigger and bigger.

One thing that doesn’t change is that I do have fun reading all kinds of genres. As a matter of fact, in my book, reading and fun is the same thing so I can tell you without a doubt that I have fun reading fiction as well as non fiction, so long as it is a book that caches my attention.

reading meme



The Great Divide

When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?




14 thoughts on “Longest Reading Queue, Purely for Fun.

    • It is a pretty pile, but I can’t make headway. I’m stuck reading the second book in The Outlander series, Words of Radiance and The Fauntainhead. And the pile keeps getting bigger and bigger. I think I’m becoming a book hoarder. lol


  1. That’s a pretty pile with some of my favorites in it… I want to read Ayn Rand again but cannot seem to find one with a better n bigger font …has anyone seen a copy with a bigger one I wonder? 🙂
    And I read more than one book at a time…too!


  2. I like that book haul. It reflects your varied interests. I’m a fantasy lover as well. I’m not big on science fiction but I do read some dystopian novels sometimes.


  3. Lately, it seems that I caught up with all of my dystopian novels except for Maize Runner. and Battle Royale, but I’m addicted to adding books to my pile and I promised myself I wouldn’t do that until I make some room for them. lol
    I’m torn between fantasy and sci fi. I couldn’t pick just one.


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