Beautiful Obsession


Sorting through my pictures trying to decide which flower to share with you today,  I came upon the realization that I am a little bit obsessed with Daisies. I was considering the reason for my compulsion to photograph these flowers constantly. Almost everyday. I go outside, day or night, to take pictures at different angles,  with different lighting,  with bees or ants walking on their petals and I even capture the image of Daisies that are all shriveled up and dying. My patch of Daisies died a few weeks ago due to the heat and mostly lack of watering (I pledge the 5th), but I still go out there to capture single flowers that fight through the new set of plants that is now covering their former planters.

Now,  my youngest daughter was a Girl Scout Daisy for two years,  but currently, she is a Brownie and I don’t seem to have an added affinity for those chocolate treats,  so I ruled that as the source of influence.  Although I’m trying to acquire a taste for wine, part of my sophisticated image ambitions, I don’t usually drink alcohol specially mixed drinks, so drinking Margaritas is most definitely not the reason why I like Daisies . . . wait . . . and here is when it dawn on my that my name Margarita is a Spanish translation for the name of the Daisy flowers. Yes! I finally figured it out, only that at this moment, I feel a little self conscious and embarrassed about the fact that I love the flower which in Spanis carries my name.

Now I’m wondering if I will continue to long for more “Daisy and me time” or if The allure for this flower is all gone. I guess you and I will see which way my camera points in the near future.


By Margarita Morgan

September 30, 2014


Ready, Set, Done

Our free-write is back by popular demand: today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.


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