Tender Blooming


This young rose is carefully tended by busy ants (Actually,  they’re probably after food,  but for our writing purposes we will describe them as diligent care takers).

Out of the batch of pictures I took from this rose bush,  this is the only one to merit sharing. For some reason,  sometimes it is very easy to come across a batch of good pictures but this time,  lighting and angles were not in my favor.  Not wanting to let all my time go for naught,  I edited this picture to give it a look of blissful awakening.

I love to tell stories. If my pictures were a writing prompt, I would like them to reflect a moment of compelling emotion suspended in a time bubble that would inspire a writer to compose a short tale or at the very least,  a captivating description. I realize that a skilful writer would probably be able to accomplish such writing without a prompt,  but what I’m after is the instant in which people associate a picture with an emotion.  Wiring a story on that emotion is a matter of expression,  but even without expressing it,  I would like my pictures to impress people’s imagination with a little Bud that yearns to bloom at first light.

Feel free to use or share my pictures for personal, nonprofit purposes,  but always give credit where is due.  For profit purposes, permission to publish or if you wish to purchase prints, you may contact me at tyrocharm@gmail.com
The rest of my collections are on my flickr account,  you are most welcome to visit as well.



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