Red Light


This morning I made a left turn against a big,  bright and prominent red light. “WTH!” I thought the moment screams, whistles and bells assaulted my absent minded thoughts as I proceeded to ignore the traffic light. My mouth uttered expletives that challenged the capacity of my subconscious mind to store information In the clandestine part of my brain where my rogue nature lies dormant.

Although this particular intersection is very busy, I made sure no cars were approaching in any direction. It must have been that sense of immediate security that prompted me to continue on my way. In that sense,  I seem to remember that a glaring bright red spot annoyed me a little bit as it would impress is shape on my vision when looking out for oncoming traffic. Obviously, my superior intellect in assessing a safe intersection did not required baby sitting attempts from an automated fixture.

It is amazing the kind of things that go through your mind in the brief few seconds that it takes a person to notice that the rear view mirror is indeed reflecting the shape of a real life police car. Of course the excitement of the moment wasn’t going to end after my left turn. However,  I am grateful to think,  that looking back on it,  the police officer must have been a little absent minded himself and was caught in the same stage of disbelief as he followed me into the intersection. He then proceeded to race around me, leaving me to melt into a medley of gasps, stutters and sighs. Good morning to you too universe!

When I recovered, I proceeded on my way to urgent care where I was going to in the first place, but that’s a different story.

The Daily Prompt asks, what is the one thing at the top of my anti bucket list that I don’t want to see for the new year? That would be a police car in my rear view mirror.


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