Man of Tai Chi


There is only one reason why I watch martial arts movies, the fighting scenes which Man of Tai Chi delivers with fluid and well choreographed techniques.  Tai Chi shows surprisingly well when its mostly defensive nature is put in an offensive light.

There is a great scene between our protagonist and his  Master where the contrast between the two methods is rather poignant. Against his Master’s advise,  Tiger continues to escalate his desire to show the power of Tai Chi as a fighting martial art, but in this scene,  he sorely learns that for this discipline,  control of oneself is vastly superior. At last, Tiger learns his lesson after he discovers the true intentions of his employer(Keanu Reeves) in the underground fighting business. 

An added bonus of this movie is Keanu’s unintentionally comical performance.  The movie seems to have been written entirely for Asian audiences because even the English dialog sounds a little out of place, but I like the guy no matter what, so for me,  his presence was well worth it.

I give this movie three out of five stars because of the fighting scenes,  the great job they did in setting defensive against offensive techniques and for the plot which even with its predictability, manages to keep a good entertaining pace. 

It is the perfect movie for those days when you’re awake in the middle of the night and your Netflix queue doesn’t seem to offer anything new, which is exactly how I found it. Just so you know,  I would watch this movie during the daytime as well, enjoy.


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