Oh Snap!

Oh snap, indeed. Lately, The Daily Prompt is contriving to disclose personal details about my life that I rather not share, but as I do like attention, I can’t resist the prompt. Of course I could write about it and not publish these thoughts, but what would be the fun in sharing embarrassing stories if I did, right?
The first picture I came across while browsing my camera picture gallery is a selfie I took after I tried a new hair-do. Normally I sport a very conservative bun or pony-tail to wrangle my sparkly mane. In the uplifting spirit of political correctness gone wild, let me remind you that gray hair is now regarded as life sparkles, lets not offend those that take personal the onset of age upon their youthful spirits. Thank you.
As I was saying, I took this particular selfie one afternoon after spending all morning pinning down the ends of my hair in little circles all around my head. The vision that I had of myself was that of Audrey Hepburn in the movie Roman Holiday after her character cuts and styles her beautiful long hair. Well, let me tell you, the reason the picture still exists is that I forgot to delete it from my cloud.
Now, imagine my surprise. I had an afro, an afro! At the time, my eyes must have looked upon this picture with kindness and compassion, but I bet it was the little voices in my head that clouded my judgment and allowed me to forget about the cloud back up, no doubt looking forward to the day I would come back and get shocked by my own reflection.
I’m not ready to share this picture with you yet. Perhaps I’ll do so in a few years when claiming memory loss, I’ll be able to pretend I don’t see, I don’t remember or I don’t care about the things I want to secretly enjoy. I look forward to the golden era of my life where I won’t be limited by self consciousness. I’m going to have lots of fun.
:::she grins:::


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