Real Walk Down Memory Lane


Recent and vivid memories contain an element of emotion that is lost on those that time has covered in a sweet haze. Which of these memories is better simply depends on whether you want to relive a surge of pleasant feelings, or a mixture of elation along with a twinge of nostalgia. Recent memories evoke not just excitement, but also minor emotional disturbances that could probably disappear when the power of sugarcoating is well applied.

Personally, I prefer to relive memories on my own terms, where nostalgia has replaced minor heartaches with a fictional sense perfect bliss. I like to go through a walk down memory lane well armored. I carry a good measure of humor, a sizable amount of factual experiences and of course, a never ending supply of imagination. A couple of decades living downtown Los Angeles taught me that when you walk anywhere, you must be prepared for anything. Humor can significantly decrease the impact pesky, little imperfections of undesirable emotions spoil a cherished event. So, when looking back on those anomalies, I try to find a funny detail, sometimes real, sometimes . . .not, that would better accommodate the overall mood of a perfect memory stroll.

Making minor alterations to our memories is a natural process, I think, that allows us to relive only the good parts of or experiences. Even when the recollection of unpleasant events sneaks up on our memory path, they tent to under represent the true antagonistic measure of their original pain.

Recent memories help experience emotions with intensity and, in my opinion the weight of emotions we experience is like the canvas on a painting. The events that transpired are like the strokes of paint that creates the picture. Overtime, this painting is adorned by a frame. Finally, it is displayed either in a dominant place to be seen constantly, or is taken to a private room full of personal treasures. The canvas itself is completely overlooked by the original painting, the frame and its location.

When you go walk down memory lane, don’t just dive in and try to recollect the details of your favorite events. Be selective and resurrect those cherished moments that you can dissect at your leisure. Those memories that unhindered by recent emotions are already a priced painting in your collection.


The Daily Prompt compelled me to share this thought.

Is there a memory you have that has been so sugar coated it doesn’t resemble the original?



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