Good, glorious morning to all of you today!!

Look what I found, a giant Sunflower at my daughter’s school where the kindergarden class has a small garden.  

It occurred to me that, if you look closely,  the center has a ton of tiny, itty, bitty little flowers, (Yes, they are all individual flowers making a larger one) that look so beautiful on their own. Likewise,  together they also make up a very pretty blossom. 

Sometimes, we get lost in the shape of our families, our friends. We embed ourselves in everyone else’s life and it may be fun and fulfilling as well, but sometimes however, that is not the case. We feel like Outsiders, or not quite part of them. Don’t you ever forget that you have your own beauty, your own life. And in itself and apart from everyone around you, it is fun, it, is fulfilling as well. 

Today, give yourself a chance to experience your own story and then come back and tell me what you did for yourself that you’ve been neglecting for a while. Share with us something that is important to you.

Random Quiet Recognition

 Good morning everyone! This is Sunday’s flower of the Day but I’m going to leave it here for today because I think it’s a great challenge for all of us to work with during the week.  Come back and tell me your story!

Today, I challenge you to give a random compliment to someone you see everyday but might not notice much. 

One of my friends at work,  a few years ago,  was the custodian. She used to work through the very early hours of the morning making sure the floors were shiny and Polished and nobody would notice. She mentioned this one day and from then on I made a point to notice whether the floors were done or not and immediately seek her out to thank her for the beautiful floors she had for us. You could see a little spark in her eyes and a little bounce to her steps after she would give me a heartfelt thank you for noticing. 

Make someone’s day today!