Fragrance, Fetor . . . Same Difference.

little flowers

How good is your sense of smell? If it isn’t that great like mine, what has been the funniest instance when you mistook a hideous smell for that of a pleasant one? I would love to be able to appreciate fragrant smells more completely but I can’t tell you the many times I thought night blossoming flowers smelled like cat pee or a delicious beef stew that smells just like dog food to me. Also, I cringe to the times I followed the smell of freshly made quesadillas to the location of my beautiful daughter’s freshly tossed-in-the-closet shoes (eeeek!).

On the up side, I can keep unpleasant odors away very easily by breathing through my mouth and not having lingering effects afterward. However on the downside, when one of those hideous smells tricks its way into my nose, I can’t get rid of it for a long period of time. Once I thought my husband was warming up tortillas only to find out smoke from my neighbor’s cigarettes was blowing through the window. I ended up smelling cigarette smoke for days! No kidding. I almost had an anxiety attack when my trusty google medical search told me I probably had a brain tumor.

There are times when I definitely don’t trust what I smell. When the source is dubious, I quickly switch to breathing through my mouth. It may sound weird, but it works just fine for me.



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When Disaster Strikes by Way of a Fart

caillrn park

First of all, who has never had such a moment in your life when a graceful exit, or an imperious entrance, or merely a silent retreat into a corner has been loudly spoiled by an unintended fart? I would love to hear how it happened to you because I am sharing a vulnerable moment and I need moral support. I could use other words to describe the release of intestinal gases through the southbound end of a northbound individual, but why beat around the bush when you can just say fart?

First of all, I’m telling this story because yesterday, I was making a little video for my Youtube channel and right in the middle of it, my beautiful daughter farted. We were seized by an unending laughing attack and it made the original purpose of the video very anticlimactic. Caillen was laughing so hard, she continued to do little spit farts thereafter. if ever there was a time when the acronym OMG was appropriate, this was it! Not to make her feel bad, I’m going to share with you my own little story.

We were at a friend’s house for a family party. The kids were running around, the adults were all over the place and the football fans were watching the game in the family room which you had to walk across to enter the guest bathroom. As you can imagine, that little bathroom had many guests and trying to get to it became sort of game that resembled musical chairs. The door would open and many of us would start rapidly walking in that direction until the person closest to it reached for the door and left the rest of us just standing there, a little closer every time, but never the less, still standing and waiting as our internal combustion engines begged to be ignited. You try to be inconspicuous, but we all knew very well who our opponents were in this little game.

Finally, I saw my opportunity and rushed towards the open door. Unfortunately, I hadn’t realized there was a step down into the family room. In my eagerness to walk across, I neglected to observe my surroundings. There were a number of chairs along the walls where football fans had gathered in addition to all the others sitting on the couch. The room was packed, tension in the air as they held their breath during what must have been an important play. Crossing in front of all these people, I took a fateful step into the family room and I nearly fell. Yes, there was that step I hadn’t see before. The floor went under me and I became painfully aware of all, ALL of the people in that room as a fart escaped out of my nether regions and interrupted their lively TV programming. I can imagine the thoughts that went through their heads, “Do I cheer the winning play that my team just won?, or do I laugh about this lady and her tooting tushy?” I have no idea what happened in the room after I scurried away looking for shelter in the bathroom. Everything I heard through the door was colored by the mortification I felt thinking they could also hear everything I did in the bathroom. I supposed their reaction was a little bit of both, but I do have to say they were all very gracious and didn’t even blink when I had to come back out again.


little flowers putple 2048by300



Rosalicious! and Other Adventures

Did you know you could eat rose petals? Allow me to share with you the extraordinary adventures I had -in my head- when I discovered a fabulous and rosalicious way of eating them. Although it has been a while since I heard rose petals were consumable, just now I discovered the variety of dishes people have come up with to blend in and to decorate with this amazing ingredient. One of these creations really called my attention, ice-cream. Yes! there is such a thing.


While reading the ingredients, “1/4 cup shredded rose petals“, the first thought into my head was, “Do I have to collect them from my yard or do they sell ‘real’ rose petals at the store?” Of course nothing is more real than fresh grown ingredients from your garden but we’re so used to buying processed foods, I had a little shudder with mental images of bugs crawling around the petals I’m going to eat. Also, I don’t have a rose garden so I would have to stake out a capture and retreive operation at the local park, preferably in the dark. Then again, remembering how popular it is to have canine companions while people walk, questions pop into my head: “Can dogs pee that high?” and threafter, “Would dogs dare to pee on a rose bush?” .. . ouch! but that’s just me. So, again. Do they sell rose petals at the store?

There’s just something akward about asking a friend to see if you could collect rose petals from their garden so you could eat them. Or, wait! you could invite them for a make-your-own-ice-cream-party at your house and “by the way, bring some of those rose petals, we’re going to eat them”. If your friend didn’t come up with a flimsy excuse right away, or decided to oprganize an intevention in your behalf, you would have to share the ice-cream and, with a heavy grimace pasted on my face, I have to ask. Once again. Do they sell rose petals at the store?

I admit, looking around the world for that mythical, magical dessert that apparently exists somewher out there, is much more appealing to me. However, the adventures I’ll have -in my head- exploring the world, searching for such enticing rose almond ice-cream, will be part of another story. Till then, if you do come accross this unicorn, post a picture. Evidence people, evidence!

And here is the recipie if you would like to try. Good luck, let me know how it tasted.



Coors Line


What makes you memorable? How do you make other people smile when you’re not there? My husband is one of those adorable creatures who are happy when they find an assortment of words they can turn into a pun. Do you have one of them adorable creatures as well? As painful as it may be for some of us to be the ever present audience for these moments of objectively perceived hilarity, I can’t help but to admit, it makes them  memorable. It prompts a smile on my lips when I come across words he has punned before. I even find it humorous when puns sneak into my mind and burst out of my mouth with a loud chuckle . . . Gasp! it happens.  It does. It’s horrtible. Never the less, when it comes to puns, I always think of him in a fond manner (as annoying as it may be).




Capering Around


By bounds and leaps, Cinder the dog, dragged me out in the morning for a walk. It was a beautiful morning, though. Smokey undertones covered the landscape in a eerily beautiful and golden glow. Today, her enthusiasm was tempered by my reluctant compliance (This happens every morning but it sounds more poetic this way, right?). The smoke surrounding the area, gave me pause in addition to my unwillingness because asthma, being what it is, does not tolerate less than perfect air quality. Never the less, I trotted after her, in as much as I could. You can see her in one of these pictures, she’s judging me; probably wondering why I make her stop so often. In another picture, she comes back to tell me, in no uncertain terms, pictures of a morning walk does not, in fact,  mean you are walking. She then pulled me to go chasing a rabbit that crossed our paths but I did manage to take a picture of today’s flower.




New Friend


Her name is Cinder, over the past six weeks, she has stolen our hearts. Her calm demeanor, unusual for a 10-month-old puppy, has given her an upper hand when it comes to mischief. Not only does she look innocent, but she acts like it so well!

In this picture, she looks content and happy. She has finally relaxed to the point where I’m pretty sure she knows we are her forever family. In such a short time, she has come a long way from that beat down and sad puppy we adopted from the pound.

Look at this picture and tell me if you believe that a few minutes later, she escaped her leash and made us chase her all over and around the park. Afterwards, she went into the bushes plagued with tumble weeds from the empty lots around the park. At that point, I sat down and I started fake-crying out loud. Upon hearing me, she bolted in my direction and started liking my face. I got her! And just like that, her concern melted my anger away.

Friends Forever


Dubstep Writing


Lately, I have been writing my stories with Dubstep music in the background. At first I thought that the music would distract me because when I listen to it, every inch of my body seems to vibrate in elation, but for once, all the voices in my head quiet down and pay attention. It has turned out to be a great addition to my collection of wards against distractions, especially if I’m using headphones. I love the random techno chaos in its melodic dystopian tempo.
The name of most Dubstep artists escapes me all too often, but there is a marked uniqueness to the sound of some of them such as Nero, Skrillex, Daft Punk and the lovely Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Pokémon). When their songs start, I run to see who is playing and I’m beginning to recognize them as if I was listening to their very own signature. Other artists however, I find repelling. It makes me think that they added the dubstep sound effects to their discordant melodies. Don’t get me wrong, their songs may be melodious but not very synchronistic with the Dubstep feel I get with the other artists and so I find them intrusive and at times obnoxious.
Not being an expert in the genre, I couldn’t tell you if their sound conforms to Dubstep standards, but my ears, greenhorn as they are in this territory, have made that distinction clear for me. Surprisingly, writing and Dubstep music are a great combination for me. Am I the only one with these quirky mixtures that help concentration?



Beautiful Obsession


Sorting through my pictures trying to decide which flower to share with you today,  I came upon the realization that I am a little bit obsessed with Daisies. I was considering the reason for my compulsion to photograph these flowers constantly. Almost everyday. I go outside, day or night, to take pictures at different angles,  with different lighting,  with bees or ants walking on their petals and I even capture the image of Daisies that are all shriveled up and dying. My patch of Daisies died a few weeks ago due to the heat and mostly lack of watering (I pledge the 5th), but I still go out there to capture single flowers that fight through the new set of plants that is now covering their former planters.

Now,  my youngest daughter was a Girl Scout Daisy for two years,  but currently, she is a Brownie and I don’t seem to have an added affinity for those chocolate treats,  so I ruled that as the source of influence.  Although I’m trying to acquire a taste for wine, part of my sophisticated image ambitions, I don’t usually drink alcohol specially mixed drinks, so drinking Margaritas is most definitely not the reason why I like Daisies . . . wait . . . and here is when it dawn on my that my name Margarita is a Spanish translation for the name of the Daisy flowers. Yes! I finally figured it out, only that at this moment, I feel a little self conscious and embarrassed about the fact that I love the flower which in Spanis carries my name.

Now I’m wondering if I will continue to long for more “Daisy and me time” or if The allure for this flower is all gone. I guess you and I will see which way my camera points in the near future.


By Margarita Morgan

September 30, 2014


Ready, Set, Done

Our free-write is back by popular demand: today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

Adventurous Spirits

Written by Margarita Morgan
August 21, 2014

El salar de uyuni

Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia

If money was not in the equation, instead of having a job I would travel all over the world in search of evidence that would show the marvels of what once were The Library of Alexandria and The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. After that, there would be lots of time for other adventures visiting natural marvels of the world that are still around now days.

Can you imagine what it would be like to find The Library of Alexandria? If I had the money for that expedition, I would be relentless in the search for even an ancient stone that marked its location, but if there was any part if it that was still standing, I would make every effort to reconstruct or replicate in a nearby location what it looked like. Of course the real treasure would be to find that many of its scrolls, parchments, tablets and other scriptures were still available. Maybe the entire library is buried somewhere and its contents are still intact. What a treat that would be!

My next stop would be in search of clear and concrete evidence of the way the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were created. I would love to recreate them in my very own back yard, but for the better appreciation of this wonder and for the benefit of my fellow human brethren, the public would be most welcome to visit and enjoy them as well.

But let us not stop just yet, the world offers many natural wonders as well as ancient ruins that are impressive and I would waste no time visiting remote locations to enjoy them first hand. There is the City of Petra in Jordan and I would visit Japan and not leave until I see the blooming of cherry trees that grace Japan’s city and country landscapes so beautifully. What about the Tianzi mountains in China? ooh, oh! and then we have the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia. There’s just no end to all the wonders and marvels I would visit if I had the time and the money to finance such expedition. I bet some of you would tag along and you would be most welcome. As a matter of fact, since we’re talking about a time where money won’t be an issue, I’m willing to take all who would appreciate this unique set of expeditions. What do you say? Adventurous spirits welcomed!



Daily Prompt
Work? Optional!
If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?


To Whom It May Concern:

Daily Prompt
New Wrinkles
You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?


August 11, 2014
To: Daily Prompt
From: TyroCharm
Regarding: New Wrinkles

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m writing this letter to challenge the latest daily prompt in which you wish to deprive me from ten years of my life. How could anyone possibly loose ten years of their life in one night? This is not at all something that was discussed in my contract when I signed up for While I seldom come up with ingenious ways to accommodate most of your ideas into posts that I can relate to in order to offer a pleasant reading experience, this prompt stands to bring out an ugly side of my personality that would surely scare away most of my followers.

I’m not necessarily afraid to look old. . .er, but I would very much resent the fact that at this stage of aging in my life, ten years would mean that it would take a crane to get me up from bed in the morning. Dear god, I would have surely woken up in a wet bed! And that is not to mention that I would be spitting out my remaining teeth. I’m sure that my little seven year old daughter would appreciate suddenly having a living grandmother to play with and dutely be spoiled by her, but ten years. . . in one night. . . really?

No, absolutely not! I advise you to revise your latest suggestion. I don’t think that your writers took into consideration the pain and anxiety that this prompt would bring to bridle, and self conscious psyches like mine. I’m sure I’m not alone in this complain. . . the fact that I am the only one challenging your decision should be a testament to how disappointed and scare many other people are since they are probably afraid to speak up their true mind.

I thank you in advance for your prompt consideration and wait eagerly for a new and age appropriate idea for today’s writing suggestion.

Sincerely and much obliged,