Bumble When You Work


Hard work is more fun when you make a buz about it.  Talk about it. Play some music or sing away if you think no one is around. Shake it up a bit and dance it off. Make someone smile or laugh at the world inside your hea (Inside voices can be a lot of fun). Whatever it takes, you may be the onlyone making the effort but at the end of the day, You are the one who will appreciate taking the time to make things better for you.


Capering Around


By bounds and leaps, Cinder the dog, dragged me out in the morning for a walk. It was a beautiful morning, though. Smokey undertones covered the landscape in a eerily beautiful and golden glow. Today, her enthusiasm was tempered by my reluctant compliance (This happens every morning but it sounds more poetic this way, right?). The smoke surrounding the area, gave me pause in addition to my unwillingness because asthma, being what it is, does not tolerate less than perfect air quality. Never the less, I trotted after her, in as much as I could. You can see her in one of these pictures, she’s judging me; probably wondering why I make her stop so often. In another picture, she comes back to tell me, in no uncertain terms, pictures of a morning walk does not, in fact,  mean you are walking. She then pulled me to go chasing a rabbit that crossed our paths but I did manage to take a picture of today’s flower.




Entangled Beauty’s Grit

Looking through my pictures and I saw this. A reminder that even when things seem chaotic, we naturally tend to get through those difficult times. If it is too much for you today, Just let nature do its thing and hang on. It helps to focus on one thing. Just hold on.

Tyrocharm 7/11/17


The strong winds from a recent storm delivered dried up tumbleweeds all over my flower bed. In this picture,  a young flower struggles to open its petals against the weight of these twigs which for now seem to guard a prisoner. The thorny branches frame beautifully a delicate blossom as it opens its petals into the calm of a new day.