Fragrance, Fetor . . . Same Difference.

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How good is your sense of smell? If it isn’t that great like mine, what has been the funniest instance when you mistook a hideous smell for that of a pleasant one? I would love to be able to appreciate fragrant smells more completely but I can’t tell you the many times I thought night blossoming flowers smelled like cat pee or a delicious beef stew that smells just like dog food to me. Also, I cringe to the times I followed the smell of freshly made quesadillas to the location of my beautiful daughter’s freshly tossed-in-the-closet shoes (eeeek!).

On the up side, I can keep unpleasant odors away very easily by breathing through my mouth and not having lingering effects afterward. However on the downside, when one of those hideous smells tricks its way into my nose, I can’t get rid of it for a long period of time. Once I thought my husband was warming up tortillas only to find out smoke from my neighbor’s cigarettes was blowing through the window. I ended up smelling cigarette smoke for days! No kidding. I almost had an anxiety attack when my trusty google medical search told me I probably had a brain tumor.

There are times when I definitely don’t trust what I smell. When the source is dubious, I quickly switch to breathing through my mouth. It may sound weird, but it works just fine for me.



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Rosalicious! and Other Adventures

Did you know you could eat rose petals? Allow me to share with you the extraordinary adventures I had -in my head- when I discovered a fabulous and rosalicious way of eating them. Although it has been a while since I heard rose petals were consumable, just now I discovered the variety of dishes people have come up with to blend in and to decorate with this amazing ingredient. One of these creations really called my attention, ice-cream. Yes! there is such a thing.


While reading the ingredients, “1/4 cup shredded rose petals“, the first thought into my head was, “Do I have to collect them from my yard or do they sell ‘real’ rose petals at the store?” Of course nothing is more real than fresh grown ingredients from your garden but we’re so used to buying processed foods, I had a little shudder with mental images of bugs crawling around the petals I’m going to eat. Also, I don’t have a rose garden so I would have to stake out a capture and retreive operation at the local park, preferably in the dark. Then again, remembering how popular it is to have canine companions while people walk, questions pop into my head: “Can dogs pee that high?” and threafter, “Would dogs dare to pee on a rose bush?” .. . ouch! but that’s just me. So, again. Do they sell rose petals at the store?

There’s just something akward about asking a friend to see if you could collect rose petals from their garden so you could eat them. Or, wait! you could invite them for a make-your-own-ice-cream-party at your house and “by the way, bring some of those rose petals, we’re going to eat them”. If your friend didn’t come up with a flimsy excuse right away, or decided to oprganize an intevention in your behalf, you would have to share the ice-cream and, with a heavy grimace pasted on my face, I have to ask. Once again. Do they sell rose petals at the store?

I admit, looking around the world for that mythical, magical dessert that apparently exists somewher out there, is much more appealing to me. However, the adventures I’ll have -in my head- exploring the world, searching for such enticing rose almond ice-cream, will be part of another story. Till then, if you do come accross this unicorn, post a picture. Evidence people, evidence!

And here is the recipie if you would like to try. Good luck, let me know how it tasted.



Bumble When You Work


Hard work is more fun when you make a buz about it.  Talk about it. Play some music or sing away if you think no one is around. Shake it up a bit and dance it off. Make someone smile or laugh at the world inside your hea (Inside voices can be a lot of fun). Whatever it takes, you may be the onlyone making the effort but at the end of the day, You are the one who will appreciate taking the time to make things better for you.





This picture was taken at Disneyland two weeks ago,  I’m just now getting to sort the lot out.  In this particular case,  my daughter Caillen(seven years old) gave me a chance to take five pictures only. She claims that one I start,  there’s no stopping me and is now giving me picture allowances.  We were walking by this bed of flowers and without prompting,  she said I could take five pictures if I wanted.  Of course I took those five pictures and a dozen more claiming I hadn’t noticed this one flower.  With no chance to review how the images came out,  I’m now presently surprised by the vibrant colors with which this beauty shines through.  It makes me think of the sun in its full splendor.
Good call Caillen!  ;-D


No Words Needed

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Although I have shared these pictures in other social sites before, I hadn’t realized at the time that I could also publish them here. These are some of the images that my little flower bed shares with me in the mornings when we spend some time together. They grew from an envelope labeled as wild flowers,  but I didn’t pay attention to the variety it contained so I don’t even know their names. Since last Spring when they started blooming,  I have taken hundreds of pictures, most of them saved in albums not yet named that were easily forgotten. Here and there, there were a few images that stood out and are now looking forward to making your acquaintance.


After the Rain


Very seldom, I take a picture that needs no editing at all, in my opinion at least.  Since I like to put a different air or feel to the images I take,  I’m pleasantly surprise when a picture captures a personality of its own. I took this particular one after a strong rain storm that left quite a lot of debris on my little flower bed.  The colors on this beauty seemed brighter and the shape of its petals, bearing the weight of raindrops, added a tone of distinguished endurance. To my eyes, damaged flowers in the background add a complimentary frame to their new leading lady.


I Killed a Fairy Today

Dear Diary,
I killed a fairy today, Well, I don’t know, but it seemed a definite yes from looking at the way her limp body hung when her fairy friends lifted her to safety. Far away form me. Her companions had a somber demeanor that absolutely put a dagger in my heart. I didn’t mean it, I thought it was a bug and emptied the can of Raid on her as she flew towards me in the darkness of the night. Why is it that she did not move away when I started swatting at her?

I woke up to the shimmering light that was radiating in the hallway. It seemed to reflect from the living room and as I got closer I saw that it was coming from a bouquet of flowers I received yesterday from a secret admirer, can you believe that? A secret admirer! I was ecstatic, it’s never happened before and I even thought I knew who had sent them. Anyway, when I woke up I thought that the flowers came with their own fireflies. What an awesome idea I thought, and was immediately enamored even more with my secret admirer. The arrangement looked so beautiful and the tiny sparkling lights created a white halo that extended from the flowers illuminating a great part of the living room.

For a moment I was suspended in awe, a little transfixed by this surreal vision that made me doubt I was awake. Over the dinning table, where the flower vase rested, it seemed like little fireflies hovered around the flowers creating a slow vortex of shimmering air, as if there was pixie dust floating in a circling motion and shooting out an infinite number of rays of light in all directions, but that moment of awe only lasted a second and then, my mind began to reel with conflicting thoughts that ranged between thinking that I was dreaming, and believing that I was being attacked by supernatural evil forces. My survival instinct kicked in. I panicked.

I ran towards the bathroom right behind me. At that moment I thought I heard my name being called out from many places all at once, but now I know that I heard it in my mind. Weird, but not as weird as trying to figure out if I was going though the same thing that alien abductees talk about. I also wanted to know if the fireflies I saw were evil, radioactive bugs trying to contaminate my body and give me radiation poisoning.

It is funny the things that go through your mind when in the middle of a stressful situation. In a split second, I even thought that I was the target of a conspiracy theory in which the government was making me go crazy testing a new device that allow them to put visions in my mind. The whole episode seems ridiculous now. I am embarrassed and feel so mortified for the part I played in hurting and killing one of my guardians. . . Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you, I’m supposed to be a Fairy Maiden, not just one of the many there are, but THE Fairy Maiden that will inherit the guardianship of The Kingdom of Light. . . I know, right? But wait, there’s more.

Fairies are beautiful tiny creatures with long, slender bodies that appear to be delicate and vulnerable. Their wings are translucent and span the length of their bodies shimmering when they fly emitting a bluish white light. They seem fragile, but I found out that their magic makes them an uncanny adversary, that is except in my case, when they wouldn’t dare to retaliate against their future Commander.

I was hearing them call my name as they flew in my direction. I couldn’t make out what they said because it didn’t make sense in my mind. Also, I wasn’t about to accept that I was either going crazy or that I was in the middle of a live fantasy dream. I ran towards the bathroom and they followed. I was hysterical and at this time started screaming when I took a can of Raid from under the sink and began spraying relentlessly at the one and only brave fairy who kept trying to calm me down. I can see it now; it all plays slowly in my mind over and over as if to torture me for committing a most hideous crime, I killed a fairy today.

I am recovering now, lying in my bed after being purged from the poison that was inhaled when I received the flowers that evening, they were meant to kill me.

I don’t know what hurts more, the idea that someone tried to kill me for what seems like no reason to me, or that indeed, there was no secret admirer after all. On top of guilty I feel stupid. My flowers are dead, all dried up they crumbled after the remaining fairies neutralized the poison.

A splitting headache aggravates my anxiety. I don’t know what is happening yet, but I want no part of this ridiculous story that is forcing its way into my reality. I will listen, however reluctantly to what the future has in store for me. I owe it to my protectors and saviors because they insist and also because. . . I killed a fairy today.



Written by Margarita Morgan

October 19, 2014


Daily Prompt
Secret Admirers
You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you?

Daily Prompt
From the Top
Today, write about any topic you feel like — but you must reuse your opening line (at least) two more times in the course of your post.





Tender Blooming


This young rose is carefully tended by busy ants (Actually,  they’re probably after food,  but for our writing purposes we will describe them as diligent care takers).

Out of the batch of pictures I took from this rose bush,  this is the only one to merit sharing. For some reason,  sometimes it is very easy to come across a batch of good pictures but this time,  lighting and angles were not in my favor.  Not wanting to let all my time go for naught,  I edited this picture to give it a look of blissful awakening.

I love to tell stories. If my pictures were a writing prompt, I would like them to reflect a moment of compelling emotion suspended in a time bubble that would inspire a writer to compose a short tale or at the very least,  a captivating description. I realize that a skilful writer would probably be able to accomplish such writing without a prompt,  but what I’m after is the instant in which people associate a picture with an emotion.  Wiring a story on that emotion is a matter of expression,  but even without expressing it,  I would like my pictures to impress people’s imagination with a little Bud that yearns to bloom at first light.

Feel free to use or share my pictures for personal, nonprofit purposes,  but always give credit where is due.  For profit purposes, permission to publish or if you wish to purchase prints, you may contact me at
The rest of my collections are on my flickr account,  you are most welcome to visit as well.