Rosalicious! and Other Adventures

Did you know you could eat rose petals? Allow me to share with you the extraordinary adventures I had -in my head- when I discovered a fabulous and rosalicious way of eating them. Although it has been a while since I heard rose petals were consumable, just now I discovered the variety of dishes people have come up with to blend in and to decorate with this amazing ingredient. One of these creations really called my attention, ice-cream. Yes! there is such a thing.


While reading the ingredients, “1/4 cup shredded rose petals“, the first thought into my head was, “Do I have to collect them from my yard or do they sell ‘real’ rose petals at the store?” Of course nothing is more real than fresh grown ingredients from your garden but we’re so used to buying processed foods, I had a little shudder with mental images of bugs crawling around the petals I’m going to eat. Also, I don’t have a rose garden so I would have to stake out a capture and retreive operation at the local park, preferably in the dark. Then again, remembering how popular it is to have canine companions while people walk, questions pop into my head: “Can dogs pee that high?” and threafter, “Would dogs dare to pee on a rose bush?” .. . ouch! but that’s just me. So, again. Do they sell rose petals at the store?

There’s just something akward about asking a friend to see if you could collect rose petals from their garden so you could eat them. Or, wait! you could invite them for a make-your-own-ice-cream-party at your house and “by the way, bring some of those rose petals, we’re going to eat them”. If your friend didn’t come up with a flimsy excuse right away, or decided to oprganize an intevention in your behalf, you would have to share the ice-cream and, with a heavy grimace pasted on my face, I have to ask. Once again. Do they sell rose petals at the store?

I admit, looking around the world for that mythical, magical dessert that apparently exists somewher out there, is much more appealing to me. However, the adventures I’ll have -in my head- exploring the world, searching for such enticing rose almond ice-cream, will be part of another story. Till then, if you do come accross this unicorn, post a picture. Evidence people, evidence!

And here is the recipie if you would like to try. Good luck, let me know how it tasted.




32Flavors Just Got Cooler!

Ice-cream-news June 27, 2014
Written by TyroCharm

In a bold move aimed at jump starting “32Flavors” image as a leading Ice-cream brand, its headquarters just announced the addition of a new flavor that will bring much needed innovation to the current stagnating image of the once popular ice-cream mogul.
“Cool as a Cucumber” is the designated name that will grace the new tags on the freezers that will feature this new refreshing flavor. Precisely as its name describes, cucumber will be its main ingredient. It will be a deliciously fresh, crisp, and subtle flavor framed by a sweet yet tangy consistency sure to please a thirsty need and an adventurous desire in taste.
Named in honor of the popular TyroCharm from the blogosphere, a character we’re all familiar with by now, this new flavor will charm its way into your palate despite the unusual choice to substitute a normally sweet fruit with the ambiguous taste of the cucumber.
The best way to describe the overall effect this new flavor produces on once self would be to look at a common item used in everyday meals by way of salads if you will. This vegetable doesn’t stand on its own; rather, it helps tone down other strong flavors that with out its neutrality, would saturate your taste buds. Now, turn that common nearly unnoticed flavor and put it in the spotlight with a twist. A neutral taste that is in the company of both sweet sugary taste and tangy lime flavor, makes for an extraordinary combination, if you don’t mind me saying so (she winks).
Those of you who have not visited TyroCharm’s blog will have to view some of her pleasant line of topics spiced up a bit by a quirky spark that adds a unique flavor to her points of view. If you decide to just go for the ice-cream instead, you won’t be disappointed by the originality of the new flavor that somehow will seem one of those familiar feelings that you can’t quite place where they come from.
Yes, TyroCharm is a bit full of herself at times, but when you’re in the company of so many little voices that fight for dominance in her head, who could possibly blame her. We suggest you get to know her first and then there will be no doubt in your mind that “32flavors” has made a great choice by showcasing this new addition to its family.


When asked why 32Flavors was not changing its name to include one more addition of tastes, CEO aopiniontedman said they would discontinue without regrets the last venture into a spicy invention known as “HRplum bomb”. Frankly, we had to admit that we hadn’t even heard of that flavor ourselves to which Mr. aopiniontedman said it was a dark chapter in their company’s history best left hidden and forgotten.




Daily Prompt:

Flavor #32

A local ice cream parlor invites you to create a new wacky flavor. It needs to channel the very essence of your personality. What’s in it?


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