Coors Line


What makes you memorable? How do you make other people smile when you’re not there? My husband is one of those adorable creatures who are happy when they find an assortment of words they can turn into a pun. Do you have one of them adorable creatures as well? As painful as it may be for some of us to be the ever present audience for these moments of objectively perceived hilarity, I can’t help but to admit, it makes them  memorable. It prompts a smile on my lips when I come across words he has punned before. I even find it humorous when puns sneak into my mind and burst out of my mouth with a loud chuckle . . . Gasp! it happens.  It does. It’s horrtible. Never the less, when it comes to puns, I always think of him in a fond manner (as annoying as it may be).




The Three Questions of Doom

I don’t particularly dream of a time when I’d be so famous, a Pulitzer-winning reporter would be writing an in-depth piece – about me, quite the contrary. I would like my blog to be famous, but as for me, I want to safely remain within the shadows of its popularity. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than people, prominent writers or not, meddling in my private life asking questions that if I felt a desire to share, they would not need to ask anyway.

For that matter, I’m going to share with you the three questions you should never as me if you ever become a Pulitzer-winning reporter; given that my life’s work would be deserving of your attention.

1. What is your opinion regarding (insert here a controversial subject)?

I’m definitely not an opinionated individual. I like to pick and choose what other people offer in their rants or praises and then either agree or disagree with them without further development. You want to see me squirm under the weight of such pressure? Beware, there’s a little voice in my head that, in pleasant chatter, would lash out to your unsuspecting psyche and give it a nagging feeling of impending demise.

2. What would you respond to those people that said (really bad things about me or my work)?

You want me to start a war of words against my critics? No Thank you. If I have anything to say, you could read all about it in my blog. Everyone has a right to their opinions and a right to go look elsewhere at other subjects that appeal to them as well. Plus, I don’t like to talk about people by way of second hand comments. It annoys me to tell you what I would say to them.

3. Anything that relates to a personal matter that I have not yet disclosed to the public.

Sorry, but there is no history of wild parties, slutty associations, substance abusing related trips or brawl beating late night events. In that sense, my life is boring, but I could refer you to a few friends of mine who would love to share these cherished moments of their younger life. I personally feel that by admitting to a simple, conservative life, I’m cheating my supporters of a realistic image of myself. I prefer them to imagine what they’d like, even if is of a disreputable nature. As a woman of a certain age, I think that I can afford a little mystery once in a while.

So there you have it. If in your dream of a time when you will be a reporter of such prominent caliber as a recipient of a Pulitzer price and you feel that my work warrants your attention, it would work better for both of us if you simply wrote a fictional piece about me.



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